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The debut issue

From interviews to articles and everything in between we’re sure you will find something you will enjoy! This first issue features a review on @majaybaybay debut album ‘No Guilt, All Pleasure’, an article on the power of politics in Hip-Hop, a write up on the #SaveTheArts movement including interviews with composer Neil Luck, sound engineer Ian Wood & musician Sam Rice, as well as much more for your reading pleasure.”

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Rebellious Welsh band Digital Resistance release debut album Alternative Facts

Digital Resistance is formed by anarchist/left-wing academics who rage
against the status quo. Using a mixture of poetry/spoken word against a
backdrop of heavy riffs and eclectic sounds, the vocals subdued in parts
and angry in others, emphasising the stories told through music,
culminating in songs that serve as history lessons alternative to
white-washed curricula.

Ana Kee, Psy and Wolf have a strong friendship that comes through
bonding on issues of human rights and social justice, evident in their
concerted pursuit of using music almost exclusively as a platform for
political messages. Their debut album, Alternative Facts, is a call to
rebellious action against capitalism, with lessons on how to withstand
opposition. The lyrics deal with complex social issues, and are
delivered against a musical platform overflowing with a rebellious
spirit. The intense energy in these songs was so masterfully captured in
the studio, you would be forgiven for mistaking them for a live

CDs and viynls will be available via Grimace Records here:

Speak Easy Circus – ‘Lions Should Hunt’ – a hunt for misogyny

Lion’s Should Hunt

“The inspiration for ‘Lions Should Hunt’ came after seeing another advert featuring a busty blonde model. I felt sick of being pandered to and sick of excuses for men and by men. If you expect to live in a modern day society then there are no excuses for being a misogynist piece of shit.” – Jack Avison, Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus are an experimental indie/funk posse from the East End of Glasgow. Their chaotic crescendos and eclectic overtures, a celebration of the strange and the new, are a “circus” of tongue in cheek attitude and unpredictability. Speak Easy Circus are a breath of fresh air for everyone into never- the-same-way-twice musical curiosity and funky grooves.

Speak Easy Circus are
(Jack Avison – Guitar/vocals/keys,
Jon Wallace – Sax/Keys,
Frazer Laurie – Drums
Chatonda Ridley – Bass)
They released their debut EP ‘Bravo Tango Charlie’ to an unsuspecting world in 2019, drawing excitingly bewildered comparisons to artists as far apart as Earth, Wind and Fire, The Libertines, Vulfpeck, Frank Zappa and Snarky Puppy.

Following sell out shows at King Tut’s and the O2 Academy, Speak Easy Circus and their phenomenal brass section released the single ‘Neon in Daylight’, a self-proclaimed ‘summer-banger’ in April 2020 to great acclaim, reviews and airtime on many radio stations throughout Glasgow and Scotland.

Speak Easy Circus’ unique musical fusion as well as their politics don’t show the world as it is, but rather as it could be. When the lunatics take over the asylum. 

Speak Easy Circus

Extra info on the song (

Most of the songs are written about things that I have experienced or observed. For example the inspiration for our latest single ‘Lions Should Hunt’ came after I saw an advert featuring a busty blonde model seductively selling something and I was annoyed that this was what people thought would be an effective advertising technique, and annoyed by the fact that it probably was effective! I took that further to think about how men are taught to think about sex, the effect that concepts of masculinity have on us etc. It all sounds very serious or preachy but we try to make sure it isn’t! I think that it is important to discuss these topics but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in a tongue-in-cheek way. 

Twitter @speakeasycircus

Honey Lung drop new single Oh So Real and announce intimate live stream

Honey Lung drop new single Oh So Real and announce intimate live stream 

Honey Lung will stream a live show from RYP Studios via YouTube on Fri 29th Jan at 7pm here

Talking about the new singles, Jamie said; “Our release of ‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’ in early 2020 felt meaningful and exciting during the tough year, but it was painful for us that we were not able to tour the release properly. A highlight of the year for us was returning to our home from home at RYP studios to mix some tracks from the recent EP including a veritable Honey Lung classic, and record two soon to be released tracks, including ‘‘Oh So Real’. We can’t even begin to explain how cathartic it was to get together in that space and play these tracks with full gusto together. It was a place we’ve spent countless hours over the years, working with people we loved and respected, and we were able to fully release the pent up energy we’ve all been bottling. ‘Oh So Real’ is a song that feels uniquely Honey Lung-esque and yet it’s not like anything we’ve released so far.

While the world might’ve hit the brakes in 2020, it’s clear Honey Lung’s profile has risen unrelentingly. The band continue to hone and perfect their musical output, even remotely: “a hint of indie, a large dash of emo, a pinch of shoegaze and a generous dollop of alt-rock” (Gigwise). Their distinctive style has seen them receive support from Spotify’s editorial playlists, including ‘New Music Friday’, ‘Hot New Bands’, ‘Garage Jams’, ‘Alt Rocked’ and ‘All New Rock’, as well as Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Rock’.

Jamie continues; “The end of 2020 was a weird time for all of us in the band, and we imagine for pretty much every band around the world. You won’t find another time in history when everyone from the big touring bands, to the grassroots teens have been so equally crippled – by both the virus, and our government’s constant dismissal of the arts. We, like many other musicians, have had to find the positives throughout the year somehow. There’s a bit of a darkly comic joke that break-ups lead to great songs, so it makes sense that these lockdowns are just one, long drawn out, painful break up for musicians from gigging.”

Honey Lung have certainly earned their stripes as a live band, hitting big-name festivals such as Reading & Leeds (where they headlined the BBC Introducing stage), Latitude, tastemakers’ favourites SXSW and The Great Escape. It’s not only festivals paying attention; scene frontrunners Citizen and Basement enlisted Honey Lung for their UK/Europe tours, respectively. Indie-rock darlings Vundabar, Bloody Knees, Airways and JAWS have also brought the Londoners on the road.

Sean Trelford announces new single, “Dearest One.”

Sean Trelford announces new single, “Dearest One.” 

January 2021 – Press Release

Sean Trelford is a talented new artist with a focus on creating groundbreaking music that blurs the lines between a wide range of genre definitions and creative influences.

Somewhere between the appealing edge of indie rock and the lo-fi twist of dreamy bedroom pop, this artist managed to locate a musical goldmine of great melodies and charismatic hooks. Sean Trelford’s most recent studio release, “Dearest One”, stands out as a perfect representation of how the artist can seamlessly blur the lines between these different ideas in such a way that they coexist harmonically and in synergy with one another.

This excellent production comes highly recommended to any fan of songwriters such as The Pixies, Mac De Marco, and Beat Happening, only to mention a few. Despite an affinity with the aforementioned artists, Sean Trelford definitely stands out with a sound that feels unique and forward-thinking. The wide range of sounds and ideas portrayed on this record are truly remarkable, and it’s amazing to hear how much focus and care went into the making of this fascinating studio release. 

Find out more about Sean Trelford, and do not miss out on “Dearest One,” which is currently available on the web.





After a purple patch of activity on their return last year – a period that saw the release of “Bound”, “Distant Light” , “Open Door” and “Bright Eyes” – Lonely The Brave have returned in 2021 with the triumphant “Keeper“, the last single to be released ahead of their long-awaited third album, “The Hope List”, coming later this month on Easy Life Records (PRE-ORDER HERE). 

The band, based as they are between Cambridgeshire, Bristol and West Yorkshire, had to forgo any plans for a traditional music video but, instead, pre-lockdown put together a short documentary about what exactly were their “keepers” from a difficult last year for everyone. Filmed in person in each of the band’s hometowns, it takes a look at the realities for a band releasing during the pandemic, with two members working on the frontline for the NHS (Mo as an ambulance driver and Bush as a nurse on the Covid wards), but also puts a focus on those things we are grateful for and tells the story of how, against the odds, this album came to be.

Photo credit: Carla Mundy

“Keeper” was the first song the band ever wrote with vocalist Jack Bennett. It’s a track that pairs those insistent guitar tones, so distinctive of Lonely The Brave, to an anthemic, immediately memorable chorus. It’s surely one of the strongest songs the band have ever produced.

Bassist Andrew Bushen said the following about “Keeper”:

“Keeper was the first song we fully completed for the album and remains one of our favourites. It will always hold a special place as the beginning of the new chapter.”

On the upcoming “The Hope List”, those new beginnings have been entirely realised. The band’s emotional, widescreen rock sounds as expansive as ever throughout the record’s eleven song run-time but retains an intimacy, this new album an honest reward to the patience and loyalty of a fan base who have stuck by the band during uncertain times.

Founding member Mark Trotter says of the record and the sense of optimism around the band in announcing it:

“Given everything that’s happened to this band, it would have been remiss of us to try rushing into this or do something that wasn’t right. It takes time,” the guitarist reasons. “We’ve been a band for over 10 years and stuck in our ways a lot. There has been a huge shift in dynamic now. It’s a completely different vibe from where we were before. There’s a renewed energy and a renewed focus. Everything feels very positive in the Lonely The Brave camp.”

“The Hope List” is available to pre-order now on limited edition splatter vinyl, standard LP, CD & cassette formats HERE

The band will tour the record in April – with a number of dates already close to selling out, their London headliner was recently upgraded to The Dome:

APRIL 2021

Lonely The Brave
The Hope List
Out January 22nd
Easy Life

1. Bound
2. Distant Light
3. Bright Eyes
4. Chasing Knives
5. The Hope List
6. Keeper
7. (Untitled)
8. Something I Said
9. Open Door
10. Your Heavy Heart
11. The Harrow

Lonely The Brave: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Pockets for Girls introduce “The Boy Who Never Cried”

We’re really excited to release our new single – “The Boy Who Never Cried” this Friday at midnight. 

The song is really playing on the notion that boys don’t cry, when really we really fucking do. Our frontman Hughie Hunter wrote the song at a sad time but also a time full of new experiences that were very exciting – the start of our experience at Hills Road Sixth Form College, where we all met for the first time. The title is admitting immaturity and the lyrics of the whole song fixate on the notion that he may never be happy again, when really he was totally wrong and right now he feels the happiest he’s ever felt. He leaves us with this song and this message: “Never give up hope people, life’s shit but life’s the best.”

We briefly mentioned the production of this song in an interview with you a few months back (preserved on the video below). Since the first opportunity after the initial lockdown, we’ve been pouring our heart and soul into this song, sending it back and forth trying to perfect it. Finally, we think our musical child is ready to see the world. 

This song is about breaking free from the shackles of a lost lover. What better way to start the new year than to portray the bittersweet taste of freedom in its carnal form? Our very own frontman – Hughie Hunter wrote this song himself, with compositional additions from our Guitarist (Josh Tingley) and our masterful Drummer and Producer (Will Smith). This is to go without mentioning the tear-jerking level of progression we saw in our bassist, Sully Bishop, that we saw over the course of recording this tune. 

We feel a great sense of honour and excitement to share this with the world. It’s a song about vulnerability, which is the best way I can think to describe the process of debuting a new record. Above all else, Don’t Trust Them Whales! 
Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us, helping us get to this point. The support from Repeat Records means the absolute world to us, as it does for a huge number of bands in the Cambridge community. 

Best Wishes and Godspeed for the New Year,

Here’s to a peaceful and powerful 2021

Pockets For Girls.

Hybrid Kid – Quirky ex art college indie rockers

Hybrid Kid – an alternative, indie-rock band from Brighton whose latest single ‘1 2 3’ comes out on 22nd January.

Quirky ex art college indie rockers Hybrid Kid have been banging out incredible tunes for a few years now.  With kookie riffs and hooky choruses they’ve been wowing the south coast and now they’re coming for you. 

An indie rock band inspired by the collective history of British music and the traditional three minute song formula, as if Pavement met Arctic Monkeys and Blur in a seaside town like Brighton. 

They have been playing for a number of years in various guises and places, including the US, where the band were based for a prolonged stint. Now back on home soil, appearances on Brighton’s Latest TV, The Roadee, airplay on BBC 6Music, Xfm, BBC Sussex, Radio Reverb and many college radio stations worldwide have slowly built them an underground cult following. 

The enthusiasm and energy of Hybrid Kid is an extension of three wayward personalities: Danny (guitar/vocals), Tim (bass), and Fabio (drums) bring a dynamic and experimental edge to this band of rock’n’roll travellers. 

“Outstanding guitar work…bloomin’ fantastic” – Tom Robinson BBC 6Music 

“That is a beast of a track” – Melita Dennett BBC Sussex 

No photo description available.

Fb @hybridkid   Twitter @hybridkiduk     Insta @hybridkiduk

Debut single from IsoPHeX, brooding electronica from 19 year old from North Wales

Press Release – Cae Gwyn Records.


IsoPHeX – Doppelgänger

IsoPHeX – aka 19 year old Cian Owen, from Llangefni, Anglesey.

Debut single Doppelgänger is released on 22nd January 2021 (download, digital).

Brooding electronica of the highest order


Released 22nd January 2021

on Cae Gwyn Records.

Recorded and produced by Cian Owen, mastered by Stuart Kettridge at South East Studios.

Artwork by Jordan Warren.


IsoPHeX – aka Cian Owen, 19 mlwydd oed o Langefni, Ynys Môn.

Mae sengl gyntaf, Doppelgänger, yn cael ei rhyddhau ar 22ain Ionawr 2021 (lawrlwyth, digidol).

Cae Gwyn Records


Debut album from Dom Howard of Influx of Insanity

‘Cascade’ is the debut solo release from Dom Howard, Guitarist and Composer from Cambridge, UK who also plays in accomplished Prog Rockers Influx of Insanity.

The 6 tracks span a range of Dom’s original compositions and bring out the unique and diverse sonorities of the electric guitar. The title track features a more built up texture with multiple layers of guitar, bass and the addition of drums.

Other tracks like ‘Winding Down’ and his arrangement of famous Jazz standard ‘Beautiful Love’ bring it back to primarily solo guitar which proves a nice contrast. ‘Chamber Trio 5’ is a produced version of a piece taken from his suite of pieces for electric guitar, flugelhorn/trumpet and bass clarinet which are available on YouTube.

This short album explores ambient, jazz influenced and guitar driven aspects of Dom’s guitar playing and compositions and can be checked out on Bandcamp:

Influx of Insanity are here