This Was The Sound Of Sugar Town

This Was The Sound of Sugar Town:
A brief history of Bury St Edmunds Rock City

We are hugely excited to announce that ‘This Was The Sound Of Sugar Town: A Brief History of Bury St Edmunds Rock City 1990-2015’, our new retrospective compilation containing 20 amazing tracks by long-lost heroes of the West Suffolk scene, is out TODAY on R*E*P*E*A*T Records! All profits will go towards a new Bury-based music therapy project run by mental health charity Julian Support.

You can stream it here on Spotify:

And buy it here on iTunes:…/this-was-the-sound-…/id1297458002

Even better, it’s only £3 to download direct from R*E*P*E*A*T:…/this-was-the-sound-of-…

The album is also being given away as a free bonus download with a vinyl or download purchase of ‘This Is The Sound Of Sugar Town Volume 2’ from the R*E*P*E*A*T Bandcamp page:…/this-is-the-sound-of-s…

The full tracklisting is:

1. TEN CITY NATION – Exhibition Time Again
2. THE DAWN PARADE – Caffeine Row
3. THEE VICARS – Budget Rock
5. JACOB’S MOUSE – Carfish
6. GLORY GLORY – Love For Love
7. THE EXILES – Come Too Without You (live)
8. THE FASHION – Hands Off
9. OBIMA – Ginga
10. KING BLOOD – Santa Monica Dream
12. BECKY JAGO – Baby Barbecue
13. MY HI-FI SISTER – Weak Coffee
14. CHEVETTE – Regular Teeth
15. TELL IT TO THE MARINES – Fireworks
16. THE SECRET HAIRDRESSER – The Welterweight Fund
17. THE SIAMESE SLUTS – Have Drugs Will Travel
18. DIASTOLE – Leave Yourself Here
19. PIPEHEAD – Pink Shellsuit
20. THE KHE SANH APPROACH – Crocodile Teargas

Cover art by Kate Jackson.

We hope you enjoy listening!


Kate Jackson Sunday League square

More Info…

Back in July 2017, R*E*P*E*A*T Records and Pure Deadly released ‘THIS IS THE SOUND OF SUGAR TOWN VOLUME 2’: a 12” vinyl and download album featuring thirteen amazing acts from the UK’s unsung DIY rock capital, Bury St Edmunds, all the profits for which were donated to East Anglian mental health charity Julian Support.
The fantastic news is that ‘…VOLUME 2’ has raised enough money for Julian Support to pilot a new, accessible and inclusive Music Appreciation group, in partnership with Culture Quest (part of the Restoration Trust), for people with mental health issues. The group will be run at grass-roots Bury St Edmunds music venue The Hunter Club during October; its impact will then be assessed by Norwich UEA’s School of Psychology to develop a further bid for ongoing funding.
In order to help raise further funding for Julian Support’s music therapy projects, a new download-only compilation, ‘THIS WAS THE SOUND OF SUGAR TOWN’, will be released by R*E*P*E*A*T Records on Friday 20th October. A 20-track retrospective of the Bury St Edmunds DIY music scene spanning a quarter of a century, with artwork by celebrated musician/artist Kate Jackson, ‘THIS WAS THE SOUND…’ demonstrates the extent to which the town has punched above its weight over the years.

Alongside bands who received moderate critical acclaim and airplay, often care of legendary Radio One DJ John Peel (Jacob’s Mouse, Miss Black America, The Dawn Parade, The Secret Hairdresser, Diastole, The Exiles) and more recent bands who suffered inglorious – and in some cases tragic – endings (Thee Vicars, Rats As Big As Dogs, Glory Glory, Ten City Nation, King Blood, Tell It To The Marines) nestle tracks from pre-internet age local heroes (Obima, Chevette, The Fashion, The Khe Sanh Approach, Becky Jago, My Hi-Fi Sister, The Siamese Sluts, Pipehead), which were pressed as vinyl singles on bedroom labels, burned to cheap CDs and handed to friends or tape-to-tape
copied on home hi-fis and sold at gigs, before being consigned to the box-in-the-attic of history. At least, that is, until now.


New songwriters night in Huntingdon

A Message from Gavin Chappell-Bates

Hi Rosey,

I wanted to let you know about a songwriters night I have been asked to set up.

It will take place on the last Thursday of every month at The Samuel Pepys in Huntingdon, starting on Thursday 30thNovember. It is to showcase original music only and will feature a mixture of established and new artists. I’m planning on having a couple of headline artists, playing for at least 30 minutes each, as well as some 15-20 minute slots for some newcomers wanting to try out performing, or new material.

I won’t have the capacity for full bands but can have solo artists, duos and stripped down / acoustic bands.


I thought you may have some artists who want to try out performing for the first time so wanted to let you know. If you know anyone that might be interested in playing then please ask them to email me

We don’t yet have a Facebook site / event but I will share this information when I have it

Hope to see you soon.



Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul – First UK Tour in 25 Years

Stevie Van Zandt

First UK Tour in 25 Years

Little Steven And The Disciples Of Soul

Rolling Stone – “Van Zandt is one of the most underrated songwriters of the rock era….”

Stevie Van Zandt, a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, has announced that he will embark on a seven-date UK tour in November 2017.

The tour will see Van Zandt – also known as Little Steven – and his band, The Disciples Of Soul, celebrate the release of Soulfire, his first album in 15 years. It also follows a successful tour of Europe, which saw Van Zandt sell out venues, including one UK show in Manchester. The November shows will be the band’s first major UK tour in over two decades, a chance for the UK to experience one of the greatest soul bands performing today.

The tour is set to begin at London’s Roundhouse on November 4, visiting Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool, before ending at Newcastle’s O2 Academy on November 16.


SOULFIRE is Stevie Van Zandt’s first solo album in almost 20 years, named by Rolling Stone as one of the best records of 2017. It is without question his purest and most uniquely personal artistic statement thus far. The album sees the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer revisiting songs that span the length of his career as artist, performer, producer, arranger, and songwriter. He focuses directly on the hugely influential “soul horns-meet-rock ‘n’ roll guitars” approach he first pioneered on Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes’ classic first three albums

I’ve always been very thematic with my work, very conceptual,” Van Zandt says. “I need a big picture, I can’t just do a collection of songs, that doesn’t work for me. In this case, the concept became me. Who am I? I’m kind of my own genre at this point. So I tried to pick material that when you added it all up, really represented me. So there are a couple of covers, a couple of new songs, and some of what I feel are the best songs I’ve written and co-written over the years. This record is me doing me.”

Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul made their long awaited live return last October, prompted by a friend’s request to perform at London’s BluesFest 2016. Van Zandt had only just returned home from The E Street Band’s summer stadium run but as luck would have it, his autumn plans already included a trip to the UK to celebrate both his wife’s birthday and his friend Bill Wyman’s 80th.

It was perfect circumstances coming together,” says Van Zandt.

Little Steven quickly put together a Disciples of Soul for the 21st century, an “ever-changing group of misfits, rogues, and roustabouts” complete with three backing vocalists and a full horn section currently featuring original Asbury Jukes/Miami Horns saxophonists Stan Harrison (tenor) and Eddie Manion (baritone). Stevie and his 15-piece big band crossed the Atlantic and blew the roof off London’s indigo at The O2 with what was supposed to be just a “one-night-only” performance highlighted by classic hits like “I Don’t Want To Go Home,” solo favorites, songs written for other artists, and inventive covers of tracks made famous by Etta James, James Brown, and The Electric Flag.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday July 14, and will be available at

The full Soulfire Tour 2017 dates are as follows:

SAT NOVEMBER 4                         LONDON ROUNDHOUSE 

MON NOVEMBER 6                       BRISTOL O2 ACADEMY

WEDS NOVEMBER 8                     LEEDS O2 ACADEMY

FRI NOVEMBER 10                        BIRMINGHAM O2 ACADEMY

SUN NOVEMBER 12                      GLASGOW O2 ACADEMY 

TUES NOVEMBER 14                     LIVERPOOL O2 ACADEMY 


Debut album from elusive Cambridgeshire-based, teenage punx Self Love

Released on limited cassette and download, FFO: Xiu Xiu, Sebadoh, Boris, Flesh World, Swell Maps, Deerhoof, etc.

At a time when what is possibly Britain’s worst band is a bass & drums duo, the format is in desperate need of salvation. Deliverance is here in the form of, “no”, the debut album from elusive Cambridgeshire-based, teenage punx Self Love. Barely seen in the flesh, outside of a handful ofhometown appearances, the youthful pair have created their own self-contained universe as a coping mechanism to deal with isolation, both geographic and mental.

Teenage nihilism is a cliché as old as the concept for that mid-age, but Self Love wilfully play with its obviousness, layering outward mockery and self-derision, interspersing it with sincerity, until it is utterly opaque as to exactly who or what is the subject of vocalist Joshua’s deadpan ire and what are the intentions of their flatly intoned proclamations. All the nuanced lyricism contrasts excitingly with a delightfully minimalist musical structure, focussed on completely fuzzed-out, heavy riffs, utterly unspoilt by pointless guitars and tedious middle eights. Cramming 17 songs into 35 minutes, Self Love have no time to waste.

Within the East Anglian underground, Self Love have gained a reputation for careering, rattling tunes that hit the 60-second mark at breakneck speed and then suddenly stop. On “no”, they mix up these nuggets of willowy thrash with a few more considered, drawn-out pieces of what might be considered as sparse doom, resulting in a remarkably diverse and rounded collection of tracks formed from the simplest of ingredients.


Entirely self-recorded, edited, and mixed, “no” is the sound of two deeply attuned musicians eschewing outside interference and relying on their own survival instincts. It’s an essential slice of sub-urban English D.I.Y., applying 21 st century self-reflection to the finest traditions of Messthetics- esque self-adventure.

Self Love are Joshua (bass/voice) and Luke (drums). Formed in Cambridgeshire in 2016, as a
bonding of two solo artists over the deep introspection of Xiu Xiu and heavy bludgeoning of
The Body, they have only made a smattering of live outings in basements, cafes, and back rooms in Cambridge. Once described as “Lightning Bolt fidgeting around waiting to get their A-level results”, they are now split between East Anglia and the East Midlands.


Acid Tongue ‘Babies’ Out Now

Stream the new album ‘Babies‘ out now on Spotify & order the LP viaFreakout Records.


The debut album from delightfully twisted indie rockers Acid Tongue is out today. On Babies, Acid Tongue audaciously delve into the darker parts of contemporary culture, lyrically weaseling through the dynamic suffering of young adulthood atop tastefully fuzzed garage and nostalgic psych.

Songwriter and front-man Guy Keltner offered insight into its resonant themes: Babies is a reflection on our youth and our aspirations, and spirals downward into the crushing defeat that is your 20’s. There’s a sobering feeling to becoming adult, both melancholy and enthralling at the same time. This is a feeling that the psychedelic and soul artists of the 1960’s captured, like lighting in a bottle.”

“DIY punk ethos many artists shy away from these days .. nostalgic and modern at the same time” NYLON

“Catchy, laidback ode to devotion that reminds us to hang on to the ones who’ll stand by us no matter what.” Paste

“…The band demonstrate both instrumental prowess and respect for their musical heritage as the sons of psychedelic forebears.” All Things Go

“…Find the sweet spot between psych-rock and garage, and ride that wave as far as they can take it.” CLRVYNT

“Sweltering and hazy-as-hell, Acid Tongue’s scorched indie-pop sounds plucked straight from a desert’s watering hole.” DIY Mag


10.13 – Fafe. PT – Cafe Avenida (Album Release Show)
10.14 – Sevilla. ES – Sala X
10.16 – Toulouse. FR – La Cave a Rock
10.17 – Imperia. IT – Arci Camalli
10.18 – Firenze. IT – Annibale Night @ NOF
10.19 – Roma. IT – Fanfulla 5/A
10.20 – Ravenna. IT – Circolo Abajur
10.21 – San Salvo. IT – Beat Cafe

11.04 – Reno. NV – OffBeat Festival **
11.05 – Los Angeles. CA – The Hi-Hat **
11.06 – San Diego. CA – Soda Bar **
11.07 – Long Beach. CA – Que Sera **
11.09 – Valencia. CA – California Institute of the Arts (KCIA)
11.10 – Lancaster. CA – The Britisher
11.12 – San Francisco. CA – TBD
11.16 – Portland. OR – The Know
11.17 & 18 – Seattle. WA – Freakout Festival
11.18 – Seattle. WA – KEXP In-Studio

** with Naked Giants

1. Intro (Completely Useless)
2. Humpty Dumpty
3. If I Really Loved Her
4. Dive
5. Accidental Drug Use
6. Something In The Water
7. Friend Like You
8. Talking In Your Sleep
9. Whatever Happened
10. Maybe Tomorrow
11. Why Can’t You Just Lie To Me

You Flexi Thing Vol 3 co-starring Beverley Kills and The Baby Seals

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You Flexi Thing Vol 3

‘Venus Envy’

The Baby Seals
“The Baby Seals stick two fingers up to expectations and notions of femininity” – Punktastic

Beverley Kills
“a blistering testament to why punk rock will never die” – XYZ

Released October 20th; launch Gig, October 21st, Blue Moon, Cambridge.

Format : Very limited orange flexi disc with download available from; also available from usual digital platforms.

R*E*P*E*A*T’s You Flexi Thing Volume 3 is a Grrl Powered bendy orange slab of punk rock energy, harmonies and attitude. Featuring two of the best all female bands in the country, it reflects a new combative mood – we’re not going to shut up and sit down any more!

The Baby Seals formed sometime in 2016, two sisters and their bestie who were just making each other laugh with their hilarious songs. They write catchy tunes about important issues such as equal pay, body image, masturbation and Nipple Hair. Songwriter Kerry says of ‘Vibrator’, the song on the flexi, ‘Growing up, masturbation was always seen as such a shameful negative thing. Why? Having a tommy tank is good for you – clinically proven. Fact. End Of. Physically, mentally, emotionally – it ticks all the boxes. Why is this not celebrated?’

Their notoriety as a great live act has led to them sharing stages with the likes of The Districts (US), Petrol Girls(CZ), Milk Teeth (UK), Round Eye (China), Acid Tongue (US) and PINS (UK).

“The Baby Seals are a smart, talented group of girls who know how to shout back against oppressive patriarchal values – and have a shit load of fun at the same time.” (Gigslutz).

“What makes [the baby seals] special is the voice it gives to women and, aside from the bigger issues, the day to day aspects of their lives. Stick it on, laugh and enjoy.” Punktastic

The Baby Seals.JPG

Formed in the summer of 2008, Beverley Kills launched their all-girl punk-rock attack shortly after their first jam and have never looked back. The band have played all over the country, sharing bills with acts such as The Slits [who dubbed them, “Best support of the tour”], GBH [whose bassist Ross Lomas purred, “You might be our new favourite band”], China Drum, Deadcuts, Grant Hart (RIP), Snuff and The Primitives. With plays and interviews on the BBC and independent radio stations behind them, and a frantic live show, the grrrls of Beverley Kills fully intend to continue blazing their own punk rock trail. Great all-girl punky power-pop, sorta like the Muffs or the Fastbacks with a more aggressive vocalist and a dirtier guitar sound …” XFM

bev kills press shot

Of Intimidation, guitarist Kate says, “Well, the song is about witnessing the behaviour of someone who constantly tries to intimidate those close to them and those that live around them. It’s a true story about that, and seeing them get their comeuppance.”

Venus Envy is available from October 20th from and digital platforms

Launch gig – Saturday October 21st, Blue Moon, Norfolk Street, Cambridge with sets from both bands and special guests.

http://www.REPEATFANZINE.CO.UK – Fighting the Power Since 1994…

The Baby Seals

Baby Seals Gigs – Vibrator Tour

Sat 21 Cambridge – The Portland Arms

Mon 23 London – Windmill Brixton

Tue 24 Guildford The Star  Wed 25 Brighton Green Door Store 

Thu 26 tbc Fri 27  Manchester – Partisan 

Sat 28 Bristol – The Chelsea Inn

Baby Seals links

Beverley Kills

Beverley Kills Gigs

SUBTERRANEAN Festival, Cambridge, 23.9.17 Back From the Dead Festival, 19.11.17
Dates in November / December TBC

Beverley Kills Links


Lonely The Brave release new track “What If You Fall In (Redux)”



Lonely The Brave have been deliberately quiet these last few months, working on new material and reassessing what has come before. This has been all the more noticeable because before then, they had never stopped: last year alone saw them secure a no.1 on the rock chart with their second LP “Things Will Matter”, sell-out a headline tour and play main support on a hugely successful European tour with Biffy Clyro, followed with a thematically linked series of EP’s which have shown the sheer depth of strong material that was available to them around that second record.

But despite their successes, Lonely The Brave have never been like their peers, never calculated the game in quite the same way they have, never shot from the same angle. From their stage dynamics, to their influences, to covering the likes of Bjork, Pink Floyd and Antony & The Johnsons, they have always been proud of their differences and in what has staunchly set them apart from the others who have now fallen by the wayside. They followed the release of their critically acclaimed debut “The Day’s War” with an extended version including several Redux tracks that reinvented material rather than simply stripping it back and they follow this theme of insular reinvention again now on a full Redux album version of “Things Will Matter”. Melody and heart will always be at the centre of what they do, but Lonely The Brave are here to prove once again that they will always continue to do things that other bands can’t.

Opening with the extremely personal title track “Things Will Matter”, a live favourite which was not featured on the album of the same name, frontman David Jakes tackles his relationship with his father and addresses mortality in an emotive song that finally sees a studio version. And from here the band revisit material from the last album, this time pushing an electronic influence to the forefront – the likes of Brainfeeder’s Lorn, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Mogwai and more inform a sound that now incorporates synths, programming and atmospherics in a way they haven’t before. David is also pushed further to the front here, just as he has managed to do in recent live shows, reminding you exactly why he is one of the most gifted vocalists in recent memory.

The likes of “What If You Fall In” trade in some of the expanse of the full record for intimacy and beauty instead, and the album’s singles are given second life – especially the haunting harmonies that now envelope “Radar” and the piano-led “Rattlesnakes”. Elsewhere, the major chords and bombast of “Strange Like I” are replaced with something otherworldly and obtuse instead – and this follows through into the score-like “Jaws Of Hell” which somehow takes the original and expands on its ambition further, feeling like it would be as fitting an end to a film as it is an album.

At their most anthemic, or at their most vulnerable, Lonely The Brave remain an inarguably important act. Where they head for the next album remains to be seen, but you know that if they can keep their heads we will be rewarded with another record on their own terms that will always stand proudly apart from the rest.
Lonely The Brave – Things Will Matter (Redux)
Out November 10th on Hassle Records
Produced by Matty Moon and Lonely The Brave

1. Things Will Matter
2. Black Mire (Redux)
3. What If You Fall In (Redux)
4. Rattlesnakes (Redux)
5. Diamond Days (Redux)
6. Play Dead (Redux)
7. Dust & Bones (Redux)
8. Radar (Redux)
9. Tank Waves (Redux)
10. Strange Like I (Redux)
11. Boxes (Redux)
12. Jaws Of Hell (Redux)

Pre-order HERE

DINGUS KHAN roar back with BSE gig and new album

Following a ludicrously long absence, we’re hugely excited to welcome back the grand masters of gleefully delinquent instrument misuse, Manningtree’s answer to the Manson Family, champions of Latitude and Reading Festivals, the incredible DINGUS KHAN to the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 21st October. Support comes from delicious Bury-based psych-freak combos SUN SCREAM and KYANOS, Cambridge surf-jazz-punk foursome UGLY and Colchester’s finest gothwave/darkwave/coldwave/noise mysterios NOTHING.EXISTED.
Here are the full gig details:
Saturday 21st October 2017
The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
6-11pm, 14+ (under-14s welcome with parent/carer)
£5 on the door
DINGUS KHAN are currently gearing up to unveil their long-awaited second album, ‘Dunce Kap’, due for release on 3rd November via Ipswich-based indie Antigen Records. Arriving five long years after debut platter ‘Support Mistley Swans’ brought synchronised interpretive dance back into fashion, ‘Dunce Kap’’s 13 tracks will include 2015 standalone single ‘Milk Of Every Mammal’ alongside long-time live favourites ‘Hiahwahey’, ‘Dustbin Gravy’ and ‘Japanese Fighting Bugs’. 
In an anonymous missive to B-Side HQ, the band declared: 
“’Dunce Kap’ is an album for a world beyond satire, where stupidity has become a transatlantic competition. A soundtrack for the teary-eyed imperial nostalgia of Brexit Britain, waiting patiently for a £350 million weekly windfall for the NHS, while Lord Howard calls for war with Spain. Dunce Kap is music for a moment in time when 63 million Americans vote to hand Trump the codes to the world’s second largest nuclear arsenal, without checking he knows what uranium is. An album for a world where we need public service announcements to warn climate change deniers not to fire automatic weapons into a hurricane. ‘Dunce Kap’ is monobrow art for a lowbrow culture… a glorious celebration of a world where spectacular displays of idiocy are so common, the slapstick post-punk buffoonery of Dingus Khan now seems normal.”
Dingus Khan will be further signalling their return with live dates at Colchester Arts Centre on 2nd November and Manningtree Red Lion on 17th November.

False Adults (Cambridge, hip hop) re-release début EP

I’ve Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper is the début collaborative mixtape from Cambridge based rap collective False Adults, who comprise of rappers Dronic and MC iPod alongside producer and artist LXE.
The six tracks on offer are a mixture of new collaborations, re-workings of MC iPod tracks (one currently unreleased) and re-workings of previously unreleased Dronic x LXE material.
False Adults’ sound takes equal parts influence from 1980s hip-hop, 1990s pop punk, and 2000s nerdcore; with lyrical themes ranging from ordering pizza to the 1917 Bolshevik revolution (and everything in between).
I’ve Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper was originally issued in July 2017 on limited edition cassette tape, under the artist name of “MC iPod x Dronic”, and is now re-issued under the False Adults name.

Aaahh!!! Real Records
Cambridge, UK, based record label and distro




THE UNDERTONES have announced their November UK tour…

The Undertones emerged from Derry in 1976, the result of five friends (John O’Neill, Damian O’Neill, Feargal Sharkey, Billy Doherty and Michael Bradley) learning how to play basic rock and roll.
Even by the standards of that decade Derry was not the rock and roll capital of anywhere. With no live bands worth watching, they learned by listening to mail order records, reading one of the few copies of NME that made it to Derry but most of all from listening to John Peel’s wonderful show on BBC Radio One. Practicing in their bedrooms eventually led to the band recording John O’Neill’s ‘Teenage Kicks’ in 1978 on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations label in Belfast. The legendary DJ John Peel received a copy and liked it so much he played it twice in a row on his radio show.
The Undertones signed with Sire Records and ‘Teenage Kicks’ was re-released, resulting in the band’s first appearance on Top Of The Pops. Over the next five years, John O Neill, crafted further pop gems such as `Here Comes The Summer`, ‘Jimmy Jimmy`, `You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It)’ and ‘Wednesday Week’ whilst Damian O’Neill and Michael Bradley contributed ‘My Perfect Cousin. They also recorded four highly acclaimed LPs. Indeed, they almost enjoyed the life of professional musicians. In 1983 Feargal Sharkey left the band to pursue a solo career and the remaining members decided to call it a day. The Undertones were to remain silent for the next sixteen years.

In 1999 The Undertones reconvened, without Feargal Sharkey, to once again perform their two-minute, three and a half chord songs to a new generation of fans in Derry. Fellow Derryman Paul McLoone replaced Sharkey on vocals and his vocal prowess and electric onstage presence soon convinced any doubters that he was more than capable of doing the job.
After much consideration the band released an album of new songs called `Get What You Need’, which was critically acclaimed by Q magazine, Uncut, Rolling Stone and Hot Press. Songs like ‘Thrill Me’, ‘I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be’ and ‘Everything But You’ showed that the art of writing short, sharp songs had not been lost over the previous two decades.
In 2003 ‘Thrill Me’ was released as a limited edition 7” vinyl single and found its way to John Peel’s turntable. He introduced it on his show commenting, “And these are words I thought I would never be saying on radio again, a new single from The Undertones”. He liked it so much he played it twice, just as he did with ‘Teenage Kicks’ in 1978.

Since signing a licensing deal with Union Square Music, the four original LPs, ‘The Undertones’, ‘Hypnotised’, ‘The Positive Touch’ and ‘The Sin Of Pride’ have been available in digital and physical form, all with additional tracks and videos.
The band marked Record Store Day 2013 with a 7” vinyl only release, recorded in the famous Toe Rag studio in London. A return to their punk roots, ‘Much Too Late’ sold out the 1,000 copies before the day was out.
2016 marked the band’s 40th Anniversary. They celebrated with a variety of scorching live performances at festivals and venues throughout the UK and Europe. The reviews have been glowing and many critics and fans say the band are playing as well as or better than ever before.

2016 also saw vinyl remasters of first two LPs; ‘The Undertones – The Undertones’ and ‘The Undertones – Hypnotised’ released alongs with a 7” vinyl remix of the 1979 single ‘Get Over You’. Remixed by Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine/Primal Scream). Michael Bradley also published his book Teenage Kicks: My Life As An Undertone’.
2017 will see the band continue to play plenty of live shows including a UK and European tour and they will embark on their first ever tour of Australia and New Zealand


10 – Tramshead , Cardiff, Wales – Tickets
11 – Parr Hall, Warrington, England – Tickets
18 – Roadmender, Northampton, England – Tickets
23 – Plug, Sheffield, England – Tickets
24 – University, Leeds, England- Tickets