Failed rock stars have all the best stories… and even better lessons.

Failed rock stars have all the best stories… and even better lessons

Being a winner is easy. It’s being a failure that’s hard. The tale that follows is not another cliched collection of Rock’n’Roll debaucheries (sorry) nor is it another tired fable of triumph over adversity (you’re welcome). It’s the story of how a half deaf kid from a tiny, remote village in South Wales came to be hailed as a ‘genius’ by the UK’s biggest radio station and headhunted by major record labels. The following year, the music industry crashed – and it crashed hard, losing with it an entire generation of talented artists who would now never get their shot. CNN would later call it ‘Music’s lost decade’. This is the story of one of its survivors.

Along the way there will be goodies, baddies, gun toting label execs, life-saving surgeons, therapy, true love, loyalty, hope, breakdowns, suicidal managers, betrayal, drummers and way too many hangovers. It’s a story about why you learn better lessons from good losers. Why it really is all about the journey. Why you really must do that thing, even though you’re going to fail. Why motivational Self Help is bullshit. Why music is the best. And why in the end, it really was all rather simple.

Keeping On is part memoir, part exposé of the music world’s murky underbelly and part collection of life lessons gained from many years of ‘trying’ but ultimately having to learn to live with defeat. Emotional, painfully honest, funny, informative and ridiculous, it takes the reader into the daily reality of a musician during the music industry’s historic recent transformation – and is filled with digressions about society, politics and the human condition. It is also a celebration and a tribute to the life-saving magic that is music.

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Other fun extras include ‘How to get in the charts (it’s easy!)’, ‘Secrets From My Therapy’ and tips for emerging musicians (‘Everything becomes f**ked when you start earning money’).

About the author

‘Mastermind Kennedy is more exciting than 90% of bands today’ – Shout4Music

From South Wales, James Kennedy is a professional musician with a Top 50 best-selling album, over a million song streams and over half a million online followers/ nutters, who call themselves ‘Misfits’. Hearing impaired due to childhood surgery, James has become an ambassador for several hearing charities, as well as speaking on panels and writing articles on a wide range of issues including mental health, the music industry and politics. He has toured much of the world, featured in many mainstream music publications, owns the music company Konic Records and has a new solo album set for global release in late 2019. ‘Keeping On’ is his first book.

NJ anarcho-punk band Anticitizen

Anticitizen is a Hardcore aracho punk band formed in early 2012 in Washington, NJ. They released their latest ep ‘Stand Up and Fight’ last year, and you can hear it here:


Since their first debut, the band has played 150+ shows and has 5 releases with great success.

The band’s driven and uncompromising sound has lead them to a large East Coast following and critical acclaim.


The band’s melodies echo the work of bands such as The Casualties while their gritty hardcore hooks are reminiscent of the work of artists such as Discharge, The Exploited or The Varukers, among others.

The rhythm section blasts beats relentlessly, while the grinding guitar tones cut through the mix. The vocals are raw and powerful with enough brutality to nearly border with Crust Punk.

We are a bunch of punks from Hackettstown and Washington ready to fuck shit up! We are branching out and keeping the scene alive, if you want to play a show with us or order merch shoot us an Email at

Jack Rundell and the Haunted New Builds


Nice picture, I’m sure you’ll agree! That’s Jack Rundell and the Haunted New Builds, all packed up and ready to go on their worldwide promotional tour. But there’s a snag. There is no tour.  And there is no new album. And there’s trouble with the record label. “No new music,” they’ve said, “until you clear the backlog.” Bad news. Seriously bad news. Because with the exception of you-know-who-you-are, no one buys Jack Rundell stuff. It’s unsellable!

But there’s hope. Putting aside, for a moment, the ill-advised ‘home recordings box set’, what’s left? Well, you’ve got the ‘Death Clock’ / ‘Plans’ 7 inch, a fantastic release on lathe-cut vinyl. The A side is a real rocker, built upon a monster guitar riff to rival ‘Smoke on the Water’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’. With its crashing drums and cascading bass runs (courtesy of Jason Baldock, ex-Secret Hairdresser), the song is reminiscent of The Who playing Dizzee Rascal. The B side, meanwhile, is a shimmering slice of gothic synth-pop, perfect for line dancing… a happy combination of Marilyn Manson, Garth Brooks and A Flock of Seagulls. There are only 27 copies of this limited edition collectors’ piece, so order your copy now while stocks last!

What else? There’s the new album, ‘Baby, Listen Here’. Is this the sort of thing I would want to listen to? Well, in secret maybe, yes! It features eight songs, subtle and sensitive explorations of the human condition, and each as startlingly original as the next. Here the influence of Frank Sinatra really shines through, as does Rundell’s talent for impersonating the Cookie Monster. The album was recorded at home using one cheap microphone from Argos and an unwanted software program. Production was plagued by all manner of domestic annoyances – and it shows. Washing machines whirr and extractor fans clatter. Mid-way through a vocal take, the phone rings and Auntie Janice falls ill. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and good music doesn’t make itself! You get a CD copy of ‘Baby, Listen Here’ with the ‘Death Clock’ 7 inch – it’s included in the price. Or you can order it separately, on CD or cassette, right here:

OK, thanks for reading – enjoy the music!

I’ll let you know about the world tour.


Photo credit: Krista Sian Lynch

Gaffa Tape Sandy sign to Alcopop! Records and share raucous EP lead single ‘Headlights’

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Headlights

Raucous garage rockers Gaffa Tape Sandy announce their signing to acclaimed indie label Alcopop! Records and share pulsating latest single Headlights, the first track taken from the band’s forthcoming EP dropping this summer.

Marking the start of a whole new chapter for the Bury St. Edmunds outfit, Headlights showcases the trio’s brand of high-octane rock ‘n’ roll in remarkable style, spearheaded by the playful dual vocals of Kim Jarvis and Catherine Lindley-Neilson and ably supported by a relentless rhythm section and crescendo of epic punk riffage.

“We wrote Headlights as an open embrace to anyone who finds it hard to talk about their mental health, and to serve as a reminder to check up on your loved ones in this busy stupid world”, the band stated. “We wanted the back-and-forth vocal play to feel and sound like a conversation, a playful way of communicating a message that we believe in. It’s important to be lovely to one another, and the people who have been lovely to us are the people who inspired this song”.

Bury St Edmunds, 16.3.19
Pic : Rosey R*E*P*E*A*T

Heralded as one of NME’s 100 Essential Acts for 2018, the rising trio have developed an impressive live reputation supporting the likes of Indoor Pets, IDLES and Peace, whilst much-lauded displays at Glastonbury and Latitude (BBC Introducing) have lead to a slew of festival appearances (including The Great Escape and Truck) being lined up over the coming months.

Produced by George Perks (SuperGlu), Gaffa Tape Sandy’s Headlights is released 20th March via Alcopop! Records (Art Brut, Kagoule, ITOLDYOUIWOULDEATYOU) and will be available via all digital platforms.

The track Water Bottle is also now available on vinyl on the R*E*P*E*A*T / Pure Deadly Compilation ‘This is the Sound of Sugar Town Vol 3’

Live Dates

16 Mar – The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
(see more R*E*P*E*A*T’s pix here
05 Apr – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
12 Apr – Washed Out Festival, Brighton
25 Apr – The Amersham Arms, London
11 May – The Great Escape, Brighton
17 May – Top Of The Alcopop, The Dome, London
15 June – in.die music Festival, Germany
28 July – Truck Festival, Oxfordshire

Gaffa Tape Sandy is Kim Jarvis (lead vocal, guitar), Catherine Lindley-Neilson (lead vocal, bass), Robin Francis (drums & percussion)

Gaffa Tape Sandy

Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Instagram / Website


BBC RADIO 4 DOCUMENTARY (31st March 2019)
Listen to exclusive new poem from the documentary:
BBC Radio 4 have announced the broadcast of a documentary portrait of Jack Jones & TRAMPOLENE, entitled ‘Another Swansea Poet’ at 4:30pm on Sunday 31st March
Jack Jones is a spoken word poet, lead guitarist in Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres and the lead singer/guitarist of Swansea band TRAMPOLENE, a band who have attracted the attention of The Libertines, Liam Gallagher, John Cooper Clarke, Kasabian and Caitlin Moran.
Jack writes about everyday life, how to fight adversity, his upbringing, and at gigs around the UK offers his own social commentary on the world, all delivered with a gentle Swansea lilt reminiscent of his idol Dylan Thomas.
From his home in the Mumbles, Swansea, Jack tells his life story candidly, with contributions from his fellow band members, Wayne Thomas (bass & Vocals) and Rob Steele (drums), and from one of Jack’s biggest fans, Peter Doherty, who recalls their adventures on tour together. Jack also talks to Caitlin Moran, who came across him living in his car in London and invited him to stay in the attic of her house.
This programme reveals a young man with a lot to say about the world; a young man, who has overcome adversity and spent huge amounts of time out of school, who hasn’t let that stop him from making a career out of writing and performing poetry and music.
TRAMPOLENE’s latest album ‘Pick A Pocket or Two’, a compilation of songs and poems not included on the band’s debut album ‘Swansea To Hornsey’, entered the UK indie chart at no. 10. ‘Swansea To Hornsey’ was described as a “Brilliant debut from indie gutter poets” **** by Q Magazine and featured in The Independent’s ‘Top Ten Albums of The Year’.
TRAMPOLENE have toured continuously over the last 3 years, with stand out supports for Liam Gallagher, The Libertines, Kasabian, Buzzcocks, Peter Doherty, Reverend & The Makers, The Enemy, Pretty Vicious, Catfish & The Bottlemen and Carl Barat & The Jackals. Last year the band played their biggest headline tour to date including a sold out night at The Scala in London and appeared at BBC Biggest Weekend, Truck Festival, The Great Escape, Y Not, Victorious, Cotton Clouds and Kendall Calling festivals.
‘Another Swansea Poet’ was produced by Eleri Llian Rees

Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival 2019 line-up announced!

We are very excited to announce the full programme for this year’s Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival, which takes place between 29th March-5th May 2019!

The Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival is a volunteer-run, independent arts project, working alongside local promoters to showcase and celebrate the amazing wealth of arts and culture happening in the West Suffolk area on a grassroots, DIY basis.  Our aim each year is to bring together as many independent promoters, artists and companies operating within the town, to provide an affordable and inclusive programme of music, theatre, comedy, poetry, dance, art, literature, film and seminars for all ages to enjoy. 

This year’s festival includes more than 40 events, held at a variety of venues around Bury St Edmunds which support and nurture the local arts scene, including The Constitutional Club, The Hunter Club, West Suffolk College, Oakes Barn Free House, Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, The Rehearsal Rooms, Petrus Wine Bar, St Edmunds Church, Café Rouge, Abbeygate Cinema, The Farmers Club and The Apex.  This year’s programme includes a miniature film festival, an extensive theatre and comedy line-up including Quirkhouse 5‘s now-legendary “Theatre Crawl”, and a ridiculous wealth of music spanning Northern Soul, a tribute to jazz legend Henry Mancini, gonzo-rock superheroes Dingus Khan, hotly-tipped disco duo Sink Ya Teeth, a night of opera, internationally renowned grime artist ShaoDow and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  This year’s festival will once again include the much loved Bury Songwriters Competition, which has previously showcased the likes of Ed Sheeran, Huntar and Amethysts.


Friday 29th March at The Constitutional Club – The Right Combination Northern Soul Club (music)
Saturday 30th March at The Constitutional Club – Tonight Live with Yogi (seminar)
Monday 1st April at The Constitutional Club – Quirkhouse 5 (theatre)
Wednesday 3rd April at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 1 (music)
Saturday 6th April at The Hunter Club – Ghosts Of Men, Men Of Munga, B*st*rd, Light Skies Darken & Final Transmission (music)
Saturday 6th April at The Constitutional Club – Menumiteno (music)
Saturday 6th April at Oakes Barn – Sex, Death & A Cheesecake (comedy)
Saturday 6th April at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre – The Artheads Saturday Jam (music)
Saturday 6th April at Café Rouge, Abbeygate Cinema, Oakes Barn, The Constitutional Club & The Hunter Club – Quirkhouse 5 Theatre Crawl (theatre)
Sunday 7th April at Café Rouge, Abbeygate Cinema, Oakes Barn, The Constitutional Club & The Hunter Club – Quirkhouse 5 Theatre Crawl (theatre)
Wednesday 10th April at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 2 (music)
Friday 12th April at The Constitutional Club – Goldblume, Blue Mean Eyes & Basement Strippers (music)
Saturday 13th April at The Hunter Club – Tundra, Fightmilk, The Sandinistas, Picsel & Bog (music)
Saturday 13th April at The Farmers Club – The (Vaguely) Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe (theatre/comedy)
Saturday 13th April at The Constitutional Club – The Hoo Ha Record Club (music)
Saturday 13th April at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre – The Artheads Saturday Jam (music)
Sunday 14th April at Oakes Barn – Stepdad Jokes (comedy)
Sunday 14th April at The Constitutional Club – Birdsong (theatre)
Monday 15th April at The Constitutional Club – Birdsong (theatre)
Tuesday 16th April at The Constitutional Club – Birdsong (theatre)
Tuesday 16th April at Oakes Barn – Poetry Open Mic with Elizabeth Soule (poetry)
Wednesday 17th April at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 3 (music)
Thursday 18th April at The Constitutional Club – Con Opera (music)
Friday 19th April at The Constitutional Club – The Baskervilles, Deep City, Swimsuit Competition & Lunar Echoes (music)
Saturday 20th April at The Hunter Club – Dingus Khan, The Excellent Adventures, Hex Friends, Groff, For The Hornets & Fleas (music)
p01br68wDingus Khan

Saturday 20th April at Oakes Barn – Fang & Flame (literature)
Saturday 20th April at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre – The Artheads Saturday Jam (music)
Sunday 21st April at Oakes Barn – Stepdad Jokes (comedy)
Sunday 21st April at The Constitutional Club – Film On The Fringe: Fantastic Encounters (film)
Wednesday 24th April at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Heat 4 (music)
Friday 26th April at The Apex – The 545: Underline The Sky, Kelodown, Salvador, Substation & The Daze (music)
Friday 26th April at The Constitutional Club – The Hoodenanny Comedy Club (comedy)
Friday 26th April at The Hunter Club – Paul Higgs plays Henry Mancini (music)
Saturday 27th April at The Constitutional Club – Music, Food & Cake: A Suicide Bereavement Fundraiser (music)
Saturday 27th April at St Edmunds Church – The Crypt Sessions (music)
Saturday 27th April at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre – The Artheads Saturday Jam (music)
Sunday 28th April at Oakes Barn – Stepdad Jokes (comedy)
Sunday 28th April at The Constitutional Club – If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight! (theatre)
Sunday 28th April at The Constitutional Club – Suffolk Portraits (film)
Monday 29th April at The Constitutional Club – If I Catch Alphonso, Tonight! (theatre)
Tuesday 30th April at Petrus Wine Bar – Suffolk Portraits (film)
Wednesday 1st May at West Suffolk College – Scoring and Recording for Games: Orchestral Concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Suffolk Youth Orchestra (music)
Friday 3rd May at The Constitutional Club – Bury Songwriters Competition Final (music)
Friday 3rd May at The Rehearsal Rooms – Not Another Bury Show (music)
Saturday 4th May at The Constitutional Club – Fretz (music)
Saturday 4th May at The Hunter Club – The Bury Fringe Festival All-Dayer with Sink Ya Teeth, ShaoDow, Kyanos, Amethysts, Gabby, Sam Eagle, The Glitter Shop, Andrea King & more (music)
Full details and ticket information can be found at the official Bury Fringe website:

East and West Side Story – You Flexi Thing Vol 5

Records, fanzine and promotions
You Flexi Thing Vol 5

‘East and West Side Story’

* Limited edition double sided 4 track flexi disc on yellow vinyl (with free download) released for Record Store Day 2019.

* Available in record stores nationwide from April 13th and online at from 20th April.

* Launch gigs in record stores and other venues in Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and Swansea.

You Flexi Thing vol 5 continues the series of underground DIY classy bendy beats released by bolshie label R*E*P*E*A*T, and previously played by Radio 1 and 6Music. To acknowledge the label’s move back home to Swansea, volume 5 is a new departure in that it’s double sided, but still as flexi as ever. The East side features acts from East Anglia and the West side, bands from South Wales. Get it?

East Side

Lemondaze (Cambridge)
The 8 legged love child of shoegaze and post-punk, Lemondaze have been wooing venues across East Anglia with their MBV / Slowdive lemon flavoured dream pop grooves.

Tundra (Bury St Edmunds)
A Punky, Surfy, Australian, Bitter taste of fun; an integral part of the burgeoning underground scene in Bury St Edmunds, Rock City.

West Side

Picsel (Swansea)
catchy, punky DIY pop four or five piece from Swansea. Written by accident. Recorded on purpose.


The Sandinistas (Tredegar)
ure blown punk pop adrenaline” (Wales Online). A timeless guitar band from Tredegar; influences include The Clash and The Rolling Stones, and masses of youthful new-wave punk rock ‘n’ roll energy”
The Sandinistas

Launch Gigs – please check full details online.

Friday 12
th April, Blue Moon Cambridge – pre launch party plus special guests The Baby Seals & Luxury.

Saturday 13
th April Relevant Records Cambridge and Vinyl Hunter Bury St Edmunds (afternoon shows).

Saturday 13th April The Hunter Club Bury St Edmunds, with special guests Fightmilk and Bog.

Saturday 20th April The Bunk House, Swansea, with special guests Soundwire.

A DIY Punk Rock East West Rebel Alliance Production

swansea banner

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Welsh Language emo/punk heroes Breichiau Hir deliver an urgent call to arms

“Welsh Language emo heroes Breichiau Hir are one of the best kept secrets I reckon, combining urgency and melody and leaving you want to cry and learn Welsh”

Huw Stephens

Artist: Breichiau Hir
Rhyddhau/Release: Penblwydd Hapus Iawn
Dyddiad Rhyddhau Digidol/Digital Release Date: 12 / 04 / 19
Label: Libertino

Welsh punk band Breichiau Hir deliver an urgent call to arms with their new single, ‘Penblwydd Hapus Iawn’. An unflinching three minutes of punk aggression powered by a wall of three pronged guitars and cathartic screams, underscored by brittle melodic interplay, reminiscent of the band’s early influences, Sunny Day Real Estate, At The Drive In and The Get Up Kids, it proves that Breichiau Hir’s visceral prescient sound is primed for wider attention. Steffan Dafydd the band’s lyricist and vocalist explains: “the setting of the song is a catastrophic birthday party I attended a few years ago where I witnessed the worst in some of the best people”.

It’s Breichiau Hir’s third release on West Wales imprint Libertino records, home to the most exciting emerging Welsh acts(Adwaith, Los Blancos, Silent Forum). If ever a band was needed to soundtrack these unhinged times, where there is a lack of political and social responsibility and accountability, Breichiau Hir fill that void with passion and honesty.

Breichiau Hir are a cult Welsh language six-piece with a rich history spanning over a decade that depicts just how committed they are to their cause. They met in 2008 when they were schoolmates in Cardiff, inspired by the post-hardcore, punk and emo bands of the 1990s. They released a handful of self-produced DIY singles and played numerous shows throughout their university years.  “In 2015 we recorded our EP Mae’r Angerdd Yma Yn Troi Yn Gas.” Says Dafydd “We were still experimenting and seeing what fits.  This was the first time we had recorded a collection of songs all in one studio with Mei Gwynedd who also released it via his label Jigcal”  The singles ‘Toddi’ and ‘Ti A Dy Ffordd’ both received airplay and critical acclaim. Ti A Dy Ffordd was picked out as 2015’s song of the year in Golwg magazine.



In 2018, they signed to Libertino Records and released the dark melodic sound of double-a side, ‘Halen’ and ‘Mewn Darnau’, rounding off the year with the speak/shouty punk single, ‘Portread O Ddyn Yn Bwyta Ei Hun.’

The Woodsman – Dirty and disturbing new noise from the depths of South Wales.

The Woodsman – Dirty and disturbing new noise from the depths of South Wales.

“a snarling, rage fuelled, three headed punk rock beast … If Killing Joke had been taught the subtle art of song-writing by Ian MacKaye and Al Jourgensen and had risen to prominence in the late eighties UK hardcore scene, then they wouldn’t be Killing Joke. They’d be The Woodsman.”

“(they) channel Dave Vanian of The Damned with Frank Carter in his Gallows days to produce an insistent and raucous rock and roller that grabs you by the throat and throws you into the mosh pit of your mind…Wow!!!”

We’re The Woodsman, we’re from Bargoed and Caerphilly in the Valleys. We’ve only been playing live since the middle of last summer. People have said we sound like Killing Joke, Ministry, The Bronx, Dead Kennedys, The Damned, AFI and Kyuss, which was nice as we like all of those bands.


We’re a three piece
Jody – Vocals
Luke – Guitar
Ross – Drums

We’ve recorded an EP – ” The Cliff Amendment”, which we released in January, you can listen here:

We have some gigs upcoming…

Fri 5th Apr 2019
The Lamp Tavern, Dudley

Sat 6th April 2019
The Black Bull, Gateshead

Thurs 25th Apr 2019
The Gryphonn, Bristol

Fri 24th-Sun 26th May 2019
Mach Ska & Punk Fest, Machynlleth

Sat 27th July 2019
District Club, Pontypridd
(Into The Valley 19 in aid of Specialized)

At the moment we’re looking for more gigs, anyone to listen to our EP, to try to get on compilations, reviews. Basically anything we can think of that might get people to listen to us or come out to a gig. Following us on social media would be a start:





I appreciated that’s probably all a bit disjointed so if there’s anything you want to know, get in touch!


The Woodsman

R*E*P*E*A*T Records and Fanzine in Swansea

Records, fanzine and promotions

Prologue to a History

R*E*P*E*A*T Records and Fanzine returns to Swansea after too many years away:

* Launch gig with White Riot, Vanilla, String Theory and The Furns, March 9th, Creature Sounds, Bethesda Street, Swansea –
details here

* Vinyl release for Record Store Day (April 13
th) featuring Picsel and The Sandinistas, with launch gig at The Bunk House on April 20th.

* ‘Lovely / Ugly’ – High profile vinyl compilation of the best bands on the Swansea scene planned for later in the year.

Swansea Postcard 1

Established in 1994, R*E*P*E*A*T begun as a cut and paste punk rock fuelled underground fanzine, inspired by a love of The Manics and an adherence to underground DIY rebel aesthetics. In kindness to the forests of trees sacrificed for its ever rising print run, it became a webzine whose creaking pages of reviews, news, views, images, live pix and rants attracted around 4 million hits last year.

R*E*P*E*A*T Records has put out over 80 CDs, vinyls and digital releases by cult stars such as Miss Black America, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Johnny Panic, The Baby Seals, Horse Party and many more. These have been heard regularly on 6Music and Radio 1.

R*E*P*E*A*T has also hosted hundreds of gigs, starring touring and local bands, including regular Young Performers Nights. Many are benefits for Love Music Hate Racism.


This year marks another new chapter as R*E*P*E*A*T founder ‘Rosey’ (aka Richard Rose) returns to Swansea after nearly 3 decades away. Plans are afoot for some exciting new releases starring some very exciting local young bands. These kick off with a Love Music Hate Racism gig on March 9th at Creature Sounds, starring 4 local up and coming acts, The Furns, String Theory, Vanilla and White Riot. The energy, passion and commitment of these bands show that they clearly share the R*E*P*E*A*T ethos. As well as announcing R*E*P*E*A*T on the South Wales scene, the gig also being publicised UN Anti Racism Day and the Stand Up to Racism demo in Cardiff on March 16th as made clear in the video , featuring the bands, here

R*E*P*E*A*T’s first vinyl release in its new old home will be the next in its series of ‘Flexi Things’, coloured flexi discs which have been highly popular additions to Record Store Day. ‘East and West Side Story’, as its name suggests, features two bands from South Wales (The Sandinistas and Picsel) along with two from East Anglia, and will be launched with a show at the Bunk House on April 20th, along with gigs in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds.


In the medium term, R*E*P*E*A*T hopes to release a high profile vinyl compilation album of the best of Swansea’s resurgent music scene, modelled on the 3 volumes already so well received featuring bands from Bury St Edmunds, which lead to the small Suffolk market town town being popularly known as ‘Rock City’. With Swansea’s big names Bandicoot and Trampolene already showing an interest, it’s hoped the same can be achieved here.


R*E*P*E*A*T looks forward to forging some more Lovely / Ugly underground cultural history : With the explosion of local bands, the enthusiasm of local venues and the hard work of music masterminds such as Swansea Music Hub, surely anything is possible.

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