Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel – part one free on Kindle

Jeremy and Corbyn: A Post-Truth Novel: Part One

A tale of historical and political ‘faction’ from debut author Simon L Baxter.
The world’s first Post-Truth novel, Jeremy and Corbyn is the answer to the challenge of the moment for political fiction writers everywhere.A fictional re-telling of the events of 2015, including actual speeches and debates mischievously re-spun, the fictitious world of ‘Jeremy and Corbyn’ speaks a profound truth about the stranger-than-fiction political era we have now entered.

Friends since childhood, Jeremy and Corbyn grew up to be very different people, yet maintained their friendship through a combination of inertia and routine. Now all that is about to be put to the test.


Austerity Britain, the Scottish referendum, Labour’s general election defeat, the mass migration of refugees into Europe, the crisis in Greece, and, of course, the Labour Party leadership contest; around these tumultuous events is woven a story of an establishment in crisis; a story of hope and alienation; a story of Reform and Revolution.

Join Jeremy, Corbyn, a shadowy right-wing network known only as the ‘Inner Steel’, a Greek student named Amalia, and a cat called ‘El Gato’, as they navigate a period in political history where everything changed, and nothing would ever be the same again.

Simon L Baxter was a member of the British Labour Party until expelled in the summer of 2016 as part of the purge of supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

Download  “Jeremy and Corbyn” for free here
Twitter: @jeremyandcorbyn
Simon L Baxter’s novel, “Jeremy and Corbyn” (2016), argues that an irreconcilable
contradiction between reform and revolution lies at the heart of the politics of the politician, Jeremy Corbyn. Lorraine personifies this contradiction in “Jeremy” and “Corbyn”, the two main characters and alter-egos of the man, and the tension that develops in a relationship put to the test through the Labour Party leadership contest of 2015, using actual material from speeches and debates. Two sub-plots broaden the central theme; one of Amalia, a Greek student caught up in the politics of the summer; the other concerning “Inner Steel”, a shady political conspiracy among Labour’s MP’s. Lorraine’s purpose is to demonstrate that either Jeremy or Corbyn must ultimately prevail, in order to help the reader draw out the full implications of the Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon, what it is and where it is going. Baxter is writing for an enthusiastic, Corbyn-supporting audience, recently awakened to politics, yet prepared to be critical of Jeremy Corbyn in order to defend the movement he has sparked.

This is the Sound of Sugar Town Vol 2

This is the Sound of Sugar Town
Vol 2
13 more tasty treats from Bury St Edmunds Rock City

We are very, very, VERY excited to announce that on Friday 7th July 2017, ‘This Is The Sound of Sugar Town Volume 2’ will be released as a thirteen-track vinyl/download album on R*E*P*E*A*T Records/Pure Deadly, with all profits going to local mental health charity Julian Support!

The full tracklisting is:

Sun Scream – She
Cathedrals & Cars – The Concierge
Janet Street Slaughter – The Sensitive Side of Bill Sykes
The Wilsons – If It Wasn’t So Soon
The Cuts – Hometown
Gaffa Tape Sandy – L’Appel du Vide
Bracken – Slaves Pt. II
Horse Party – Looking For Life
Suburban Minds – Sunbreak
The Virtues – Moonman
Jack Rundell – Wicked Words
SIAH – Susie Smokes
Tundra – Vacation (Cheer Up Chuck)

PLUS, artist/musician Kate Jackson has once again donated one of her paintings for the cover, meaning it looks as beautiful as it sounds.

digital sleeve

You can stream the album and PRE-ORDER THE VINYL right here (with immediate download):…/this-is-the-sound-of-s…

There will also be hella launch parties in Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge – see below for more details!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On Friday 7th July 2017, R*E*P*E*A*T Records and Pure Deadly are extremely proud to release THIS IS THE SOUND OF SUGAR TOWN VOLUME 2: a 12” vinyl and download album featuring thirteen amazing acts from the UK’s unsung DIY rock capital, Bury St Edmunds.

Following the critical success of Volume 1 back in November 2015 (which received airplay and support from Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq and Tom Ravenscroft at 6music, John Kennedy at Radio X and Radio One’s Huw Stephens), Volume 2 features new and shiny tracks by BRACKEN, CATHEDRALS AND CARS, THE CUTS, GAFFA TAPE SANDY, HORSE PARTY, JACK RUNDELL, JANET STREET SLAUGHTER, SIAH, SUBURBAN MINDS, SUN SCREAM, TUNDRA, THE VIRTUES and THE WILSONS, plus an exclusive cover painted by celebrated artist and musician (and former Long Blonde) KATE JACKSON. All profits from this fine compilation will be donated to local charity Julian Support, which helps people with mental health issues to lead independent lives.

The 12” album is strictly limited to 300 copies and can be pre-ordered now (with immediate download) from

Discussing the choice of charity, co-curator Seymour Quigley explained:

“From my early teens up until the end of my twenties, my life was blighted and almost destroyed by mental health problems I felt unable to discuss or disclose. By the time I was forced to seek help, I’d lost my job, my home and most of my friends. With the right support I was able to rebuild my life, but I was lucky where many others are not. Due to its all-too-often invisible nature, mental illness is the unspoken pandemic of our age. Organisations like Julian Support offer a vital lifeline, supporting people with mental health problems through their darkest times and helping them to regain a sense of agency over their own lives.”

THIS IS THE SOUND OF SUGAR TOWN VOLUME 2 will be available in all good record shops (while stocks last) and on iTunes/Spotify etc from Friday 7th July.

postcard BSE

LAUNCH PARTIES (event pages coming soon):

* Saturday 1st July, 12-6pm: Vinyl Hunter, Bury St Edmunds
Live performances by The Virtues, Janet Street Slaughter, Tundra, The Cuts, The Catch and Jack Rundell
DJ sets by Kate Quigley, Barny Cutter (Fortunato), Seymour Quigley & Ellie Langley (Horse Party) and Kate Wood

* Saturday 1st July, 6-11pm: Hunter Club – Bar & Venue, Bury St Edmunds
Live performances by Cathedrals & Cars, Suburban Minds, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Bracken, Sun Scream and Siah

* Saturday 8th July, 7-10pm: Relevant Records, Cambridge
Live performances by Gaffa Tape Sandy, Tundra and Siah [plus special guests

postcard Relevant.jpg

Thoughts on the Swans’ Great Escape

So the unlikely great escape has come to pass, and Swansea City get to stay in the bejewelled playground that is the premier league for another season.

I have mixed feelings about this.

First and foremost, a huge surge of relief. The last few Saturdays I have got so anxious and stressed all day that it has been no fun. At all. It feels as if a massive stone has been lifted from my chest and a [man forged] manacle removed from my mind.

And then comes self doubt – how have I allowed myself to become so worked up over a group of millionaires kicking a ball around, when I have enough to serious things to stress over such as fighting racism, opposing war, defending education and kicking out the Tories? Not to mention teaching my lovely kids, releasing wonderful records and organising great gigs?

swans great escape

And then I’m not sure I really like the Premier League much anyway.

The first 4 years may have been an unexpected ecstatic pleasure, but the last 2 have been little but anxious drudgery. This makes me remember that football was just as much of a laugh (if not more so) in the 4th division, not to mention cheaper, easier to get tickets to and you got to stand up (legally) with your mates. And you weren’t totally owned body and soul by Sky and Skybet and McDoughnuts and flippin BT.

So why the relief? Relief that the club’s rich new owners, who seem to be like the rich owners taking over so many clubs (think Hull and Palace just from today’s frolics), haven’t managed to ruin 13 years of hard work, which was organised from the bottom of the club upward. I remember the fans collecting money to pay Leon Britton’s wages back in 2003 – where would we be today without his monumental influence in the past 4 games? Pleasure in upsetting the odds – how can a small club from the arse end of the UK defy logic and survive, especially after having given Brad Bobley 83 days to wreck havoc, leaving us bobbing along the bottom of the ‘soccer’ charts? Local rivalry – still being above the beloved capital, C*rdiff. Enjoying being on Match of the Day (but not so much this season). Looking forward to visiting Brighton, who we’ve only met in recent times in the lower leagues. Relief for the people who will now keep their jobs (but I bet the people of Hull, Middlesborough and Sunderland need jobs as well).

swams vs dives

Ultimately I guess it’s some sort of pride, perhaps misplaced, in a home town, and a desire to celebrate a sense of belonging in a rather alienating and nomadic world.


So, congratulations and thanks to Paul Clement and the team on achieving what looked impossible only a few weeks ago #YJBs

Highlights of the season – not many – Palace home away and Leicester at home.

Lowlights – too many to mention but several involving Spurs and Donny’s swan


Thee Vicars Remembered

Dirty Water Records Shine Weekly ‘Back Cat’ Artist Spotlight Series: THEE VICARS, Teen Terrors Remembered

From Dirty Water Records News   •  May 11, 2017 11:11 BST

Thee Vicars debut single “Don’t Try To Tell Me”

For press and media enquiries please contact in line with the recently coined digital tradition of #ThrowbackThursdayDirty Water Records will be spotlighting one artist each week, from our prolific back catalogue that spans well over a decade long. In addition to these weekly ‘nuggets’ and ‘pebbles’ dug up deep from our warehouse vault, of which some are, or nearly, out of print, or buried deep below our more current output, Dirty Water Records will also release a FREE digital single download (courtesy of Bandcamp), from various bands’ most glorious moments, captured from our humble beginnings as a record label. Today we launch this weekly series with a band that many thought should have been kings: Thee Vicars.

Related imageImage result for Thee VicarsImage result for Thee Vicars

Thee Vicars were four small-town teenaged terrors who decided to form a band for exactly the right reason: they were sick to death the typical, boring, run-of-the-mill indie bands around their area playing the same kind of music as everyone else and believed that life was too short for boring music.

Related imageImage result for Thee VicarsImage result for Thee Vicars

They had self-belief and faith in what they did and made that clear – they didn’t just talk, they went out and did it. They were “ready to, if it comes to it, to kick kung fu style all the shit bands into orbit! They would set the bullshit bands’ hair straighteners on fire. . .make them melt, and their hair go curly! Make them go out and buy a belt for their jeans! So they sit at the right height! Not with their arses hanging out!

Their question to other kids was: “Do you wanna be the problem? Or do you wanna be the solution?” And before long they were going on stage in their home town of Bury St Edmunds to Beatlemania type screams from local teenage girls.

Image result for Thee Vicars

Their manic energy was palpable. They hit you with a jolt, almost like receiving an electric shock. But then one would hope that would be the case if you were still aged aged just 17 and playing raw rock’n’roll that is shot through with a punk and garage band aesthetic – whilst visually resembling The Jam in 1978 (but a whole lot better looking).       Image result for Thee Vicars

During their six years they were one of the hardest working bands in the UK, constantly travelling around Europe and the UK, playing festivals and touring. They travelled across the USA, including an appearance at a Vice Magazine music festival in Portland, Oregon. The Horrors chose them as support act for their first gig in a year for the live debut of the songs from their Mercury nominated album Primary Colours. And the Black Lips chose them as their European tour support during the summer of their rise to infamy.

Image result for Thee Vicars

Great reviews were written by many publications. NME said that “there’s more than enough here to justify adding Thee Vicars to your collection. While Clash magazine said that, “Ironically, in displaying barely a drop of originality, Thee Vicars actually sound fabulously fresh when set against the current crop of synth-pop bunnies…” and that it “reveals both glorious tunes and a sense of mischief. Mindless, and endless, fun.”

Image result for Thee Vicars

After a couple of line up changes as various members went into higher and further education, Thee Vicars continued with the core membership of bassist/singer Mike at the helm. However, the group came to a sad end following the tragically early passing of guitarist Chris Langeland at the too young age of 23. Replacing members who have departed for university is one thing. A death in the family is another. The band still plays, with members from the earlier line up re-joining for these one off events, which they call Chris Mass, every December with the specific intention of remembering Chris on his birthday.

Related image

Here is a band that left a legacy of recorded work that stands the test of time. After all, garage-rock is timeless, and especially so when recorded by kids in their teens and very early twenties. They had fun, they provided good times, never got old and boring. Thee Vicars.


Image result for dirty water records logo     Image result for dirty water records logo


Don’t Try To Tell Me / Why Have You Changed? (7” vinyl single, download) 2008 

Back On The Streets (Vinyl LP, CD, download) 2008 

You Lie / Gonna See Me Again (7” vinyl single & download) 2009 

Psychotic Beat (Vinyl LP, CD, download) 2009 

Every Day / Don’t Wanna Be Free (7” vinyl single & download) 2011 

I Wanna Be Your Vicar (Vinyl LP, CD, download) 2012

The Dirty Water Club started in October 1996 in the Tufnell Park neighbourhood of north London, at a venue called The Boston. The club’s name is derived from The Standells’ 1966 hit ‘Dirty Water’ which glorifies the US city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Past performers have included The White Stripes (voted by Q Magazine as one of the top 10 gigs of all time, Mojo one of the top 30 and Kerrang one of the top 100!), The Gories, NOBUNNY, Kid Congo Powers (from the Cramps), The Fleshtones, Billy Childish, Radio Birdman, The Dirtbombs, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, The’s, The Horrors and The Brian Jonestown Massacre to name just a few. The club has also seen some original ’60s performers, such as The Monks, ? and the Mysterians, Kim Fowley, Sky Saxon, GONN, Michael Davis of the MC5 and more grace its stage.

Their in-house record label, Dirty Water Records, is one of the leading garage/beat/(real) R&B labels in the world.

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind tour and debut album





“Incendiary Rock N Roll at it’s best” – Classic Rock 

“A truly mesmerising swampy Beast” — Vive Le Rock

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind have announced tour dates in the UK and Europe in support of their debut album Super Natural. Recorded and mixed at London’s Space Eko East Studio, Super Natural comes out on 12th May 2017 and will be available in CD, vinyl and download formats on the band’s own label MaSonic (under license to Hound Gawd! Records).

Singer/guitarist Jim Jones‘s distinctive and esteemed musical history has spanned several incarnations including The Jim Jones Revue, Black Moses and Thee Hypnotics. Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, the latest manifestation of Jones‘s ever evolving sonic vision, is his most expansive and ambitious musical effort to date.

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind are Jim Jones (lead vocals & guitar); Malcolm Troon (guitar; pedal steel & backing vocals) Matt Millership (keyboards & backing vocals); Gavin Jay (bass guitar, upright bass & backing vocals); Phil Martini (drums & backing vocals).

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind released three EP’s from 2015 through 2016, whilst touring the UK and Europe extensively. Tickets for their upcoming shows go on sale at 9.00am Friday 10th March and can be purchased via the bands website:

Tour Dates:

12th May The Railway, Winchester

13th May The Plug, Sheffield

17th May Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

18th May Fruit, Hull

19th May The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne

20th May The Lexington, London

21st May Waterfront, Norwich

‘TEAR IT DOWN’ The debut album from DEXY

The debut album from
Released on 3 Minute Records on
19th May 2017
Album Launch Show May 19th at The Gunners, Finsbury Park, N5.
For his debut release songwriter DEXY has enlisted the services of Producer Adrian Hall (Lou Rhodes, The Young Knives, Ray Davies) to help create an album that provides a blast of late night barroom rock n’ roll while simultaneously digging deep into the emotions and consequences of the morning after.
‘TEAR IT DOWN’ is an album that wears its heart as well as its influences on its sleeve, simultaneously offering us a reminder of the thrill of adrenalised power-pop and a taste of the melancholic, touching on many of those emotional shades of grey in-between.
You’ll recognise the familiar piano and organ sounds of LUCERO’s Rick Steff across swathes of the record, a meeting of minds that occurred after DEXY opened for the mighty Memphis legends in London recently.
You may also pick up on SWAMPMOTHER’s Alex Williams, contributing a perfectly pitched cello to album closer ‘Twenty Years Of Dischord’.
His choice of guests tells you where DEXY is coming from; his influences ranging from THE REPLACEMENTS and SPRINGSTEEN to MORRISSEY and OTIS REDDING; the bands he’s played with including CORY BRANAN, BADLY DRAWN BOY, TWO COW GARAGE and ARLISS NANCY.
DEXY decided to record his debut release after many years of writing and playing – he just never could settle on the right time to capture a set of songs and send them out into the world. With this 10-song collection DEXY felt that he’d collated a body of work that “could hold up as the best representation of who I am, why I write, where I’ve been and where I’m heading.”
The record really does feel like the ending of a chapter, the beginning of a fresh one, with songs like the heartbreaking ‘Broken Fixtures’ referencing DEXY’s past struggle with mental health but also detailing his efforts to escape a situation that was destroying him.
On ‘A Hollow Place’ we hear him lost, in his words “drifting away from anyone who could ever help” yet on ‘Summer Heist’ we have an upbeat, melodious pop tune about a dream DEXY once had in which bears reenacted the plot of the Al Pacino starring movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon’. Seriously.
There’s a nod to the past with ‘Barlights’, a storming tribute to legendary producer Jim Dickinson, and the George Jones-inspired, whiskey-soaked ‘Your Fucking Move’ that somehow combines depression and defiance in one savage package.
By the time closer ‘Twenty Years Of Dischord’ rolls around, a joyous homage to the years of rock n’ roll that have brought DEXY to where he is right now, we’ve seen a multitude of joys and woes, glances to the past and future, all firmly rooted in the now, trying to keep a grip.
The release of the album in May will see DEXY finally step up as not only a highly regarded live artist and songwriter but now also one whose songs are indelibly etched into this remarkable long player.
The Band:
Dexy: Electric/Acoustic Guitar / Vocals / Bass / Percussion
Ben Todd: Electric Guitar
Don Bannister: Drums

The Foreign Resort previews ‘She Is Lost’ Single, Announces Canadian Tour

FOR FANS OF: Foals (Antidotes phase), Joy Division, The Cure, Tones on Tail, The Damned, Killing Joke, New Order

“The most exciting band to come out of Denmark since The Raveonettes” Louder Than War

“Soundscapes with slightly shimmering shoegaze guitars accompanied by occasional edgy synth cascades and airy reverb infused vocals” – Post-Punk
“Some really good, loud stuff here that nu gaze fans of M83 and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart should enjoy”Consequence of Sound
“This band is epic! Remnants of Killing Joke and Joy Division lay in their wake as they pick up random sonic body parts left by bands ranging from The White Lies to U2” The Big Takeover 

“The most effective new wave this side of the oughts” – Sounds Better With Reverb

“Takes the listener into “new frontiers” of electronic music infused with ’80s melodies and new wave punk” – Elmore Magazine 
Danish post-punk trio The Foreign Resort release their new single ‘She is Lost’ on April 19. This is the first song from the band’s next full length album, marking a return to the analogue sound of their ‘New Frontiers’ album, only this time the sound is more minimalistic and with plenty of electronics and spacious drums to create a dreamy yet upbeat soundscape full of contrast. The release is timed with a 10-day Canadian tour and a performance in Toronto at the prestigious Canadian Music Week.
For lead singer Mikkel B. Jakobsen ‘She is Lost’ is a very personal song about what he sarcastically refers to as “the summer of love”: “It was one of the worst summers in my life. I came out strong on the other side, but this song was written partly when things were looking very bad and I was not doing the right things to get to a better place and partly when I had realized it was not just me who was the problem. Hence the title ‘She is Lost’.”

The band has also contributed the track ‘Skyline/Decay’ to ‘Alternative F?acts: A Shoegaze Resistance Compilation’. Curated by DKFM Shoegaze Radio, this involves shoegaze and dream pop artists in opposition to tyranny, and in support of civil liberties and women’s health. All proceeds from this compilation shall be split evenly between American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.
The Foreign Resort are Denmark’s finest musical export of post-punk and dark new wave, led by singer and songwriter Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen. The band combines the shadowy mysticism of The Cure’s Pornography era with a driving production aesthetic akin to LCD Soundsystem. Intricate reverb-enveloped guitar lines glide over Steffan Petersen‘s motorik bass and Morten Hansen‘s powerful drumming, all while Mikkel’s taut and sincere vocal delivery demands your attention.

Having toured with The Raveonettes, A Place to Bury Strangers and Swervedriver, The Foreign Resort has also shared bills with bands like DIIV, The Soft Moon, The KVB, Slowdive, Minor Victories and, most recently, Cold CaveThey’ve also toured the USA relentlessly, addicted to the allure of America’s lost highways. Since 2010, the band has been rigorous in playing more than 400 shows across North America and Europe with performances at several festivals incl. SXSW, Iceland Airwaves, Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany and now also Canadian Music Week 2017.

The band’s latest release ‘The American Dream’ was dubbed “post punk par excellence” by Deep Ground, with Slug Magazine saying this is “an EP that possesses a singular fault: It is not long enough”. The Foreign Resort’s 2014 album “New Frontiers” ranked among the year’s top albums at radio stations like WZBC Boston and KDHX St. Louis as well as numerous European and American blogs. With several music videos to their credit, there is no video for the new single ‘She is Lost’ yet, motivating the band to crowdsource their new video.


APRIL 20 Toronto – Nightowl Club (Canadian Music Week)
APRIL 21 Ottawa – Bar Robo with ONFIILM & The City Gates
APRIL 22 Toronto – The Hideout (Canadian Music Week)
APRIL 23 Oshawa – The Atria with L’Autre Dame & Cyphier
APRIL 24 Peterborough – The Spill with Severed Feathers
APRIL 25 Montreal – Brasserie Beaubien with The City Gates & T R A C E S
APRIL 26 Guelph – Silence with Glass Apple Bonzai & Slutmother
APRIL 27  Windsor – Phog Lounge with Ethrelite & Foxhart Fishman
APRIL 28  Toronto – Nightowl Club
APRIL 29 Sudbury – The Asylum

MAY 18  Aarhus, Denmark – Sway (with Dead Leaf Echo)

MAY 19  Odense, Denmark – Studenterhuset (with Dead Leaf Echo)
MAY 20  Copenhagen, Denmark – BB18 (with Dead Leaf Echo)
MAY 24  Leipzig, Germany – Bandhaus (with Dead Leaf Echo)
SEPT 26  Lübeck, Germany – Riders Cafe
SEPT 28  Sønderborg, Denmark – Black Spot
SEPT 29  Cologne, Germany – Blue Shell
SEPT 30  Prague, Czech Republic – TBC
NOV 3  Berlin, Germany – Bi Nuu (with She Past Away)
NOV 4  Lucerne, Switzerland – Sedel (with Rev Rev Rev)
Keep up with The Foreign Resort 

Superglu, SIAH, Deep City, Saltfen and more at Bury Fringe Festival

It’s just over a week now until this year’s Bury Fringe Festival All-Dayer, which takes place on Saturday 6th May at The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds. The All-Dayer started as a two-stage affair back in 2012 and was intended to showcase for the incredible wealth of homegrown DIY contemporary musical talent we have in this area; six years later it’s grown to four stages, and this year features 37 local artists and DJs, spanning a wide range of genres from all over Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex. Tickets are only £6 in advance from, or £8 on the door. (Even at full price, that works out at 22p per act!)
bse fringe
Headlining our main stage this year we’re extremely excited to welcome back Manningtree’s incredible SUPERGLU, who in the last year alone have headlined stages at Reading, Leeds and Latitude Festivals, were voted’s ‘Best Live Band’ of 2016 and appeared at SXSW Festival in America at the invitation of Radio One’s Huw Stephens and BBC 6music’s Steve Lamacq. Our other stages will be headlined by BurySOUND 2016 winners SUBURBAN MINDS, Cambridge-based dreamy indie-pop quartet DEEP CITY and acoustic country-folk hero ANDREA KING, with a ginormous supporting line-up (see below!) plus DJ sets until 1am from the Hoo Ha Record Club. We will also be running an open mic stage throughout the day, so literally anyone can get up onstage and join in.
We’re hugely proud of this line-up and hugely proud of this region’s wonderful music scene.
Saturday 6th May 2017
The Hunter Club, St Andrews Street South, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3PH
1pm-1am, 14+, £8 on the door
Now here are some some and music

Magic Phil and Spaghetti Faction

So what do we know about Magic Phil?

Magic Phil aka Phil Doran blogs at He lives on a narrowboat. He narrowly escaped fame as a stand-up comedian by performing inappropriate verse. Latterly, dense poetic prose and lyrical excursions with live and recorded music via The Spaghetti Faction, The Pastafarians and as Magic Phil with Marmalade Atkins. He wants to transcend the boundaries of third person narrative and pack his ego into something more post-modern and minimalist.

While Trump uses bombs, Magic Phil uses words…

This is a MASSIVE ordnance
of tremendous arrogance
and lyrical indulgence
This poem is a BLAST! of hubris
of gargantuan proportions
across a vast chasm of forgotten memory
of crimes past
This is a BATTERY of poetry!…
… a cluster of internal rhymes
that splatter and clutter
bespatter and utter
profanities over obscenities

a bonfire of vanities

at the expense of sanity
and a few dozen insignificant militants

This is the MOTHER

of all mission statements
This MOTHER will penetrate
pursue you
into the bowels of the cultural desert

Its vowels will FUCK YOU UP!
track you down
trawl through the cracks
in the underground
to ground you down
to the sound of its own
a hole through the middle of hell
for no good reason
other than to show off
her literary hardware to the world
This mother does care 
whether you live or die
or whether you live a lie
This mother nurtures an instinct to help
This is no mean mutha’

This mother will spurn a 100,000 insurgents
who yearn to slam high-velocity poetry
into the hearts and minds of the military

This mother is the ammunition for sedition
a mutiny of self-expression
an instrument of resistance
a cessation of compliance
an improvised explosion of verse
to protect from the worst of humanity
and the depravity of prose
This, MOTHER, is poetry
The Spaghetti Faction website is regularly updated with pieces unexpected, provocative and necessary; we urge you to take a look:

Petrol Girls release ‘Touch Me Again’ music video // Currently on tour

PETROL GIRLS release ‘Touch Me Again’ music video:

Tour and festival dates throughout Spring & Summer

they’ve constructed a liberating scream against “conservative attitudes”” – CRACK

“Post-hardcore quartet kick sexism in the nuts” – Kerrang!

savage vitriol directed at capitalism, greed and ignorance.” – The Independent

“Breathtaking.” – NARC

Petrol Girls’ visceral and all-too-relatable ‘Touch Me Again’ is the latest single to be revealed from their 2016 debut album ‘Talk of Violence’. The caustic track now has a music video made up from submissions from Petrol Girls’ community. As Ren from the band elaborates: “Thanks loads to everyone that submitted phone videos for our video, and extra big thanks to Sammi Whitaker for putting it all together! The song grew from my own experiences of sexual violence, both within and outside of the punk community and from our commitment to speaking about consent whenever we get an opportunity. We hope that this video project has opened that platform up to more people that share the same or similar experiences, and that this collective project has been in some way empowering. The protest chant ‘MY BODY MY CHOICE’ is becoming more and more relevant as political attacks on women and other marginalised bodies increase. Hopefully this video can be just one small way of helping us remember that there are many of us, and together we are powerful.” 

The band are about to hit the road across the UK and Europe for a series of festivals and shows and they’re using this opportunity to bring their message to the masse. Once again, they’re calling on the punk community to get involved with their own experiences and be a part of the band’s set. See below for touring details and a note from the band.

Fri, 21             UK, Manchester, Manchester Punk Festival
Sat, 22            UK, Bristol, The Exchange *with Strike Anywhere
Sun, 23           UK, London, DIY Space *with Paint It Black (Matinee)
Sun, 23           UK, London, The Underworld *with Strike Anywhere
Mon, 24          UK, Exeter, Cavern *with Strike Anywhere
Tue, 25           Netherlands, Utrecht, Ekko *with Strike Anywhere
Wed, 26          Germany, Hamburg, Hafenklang *with Strike Anywhere
Thu, 27           Germany, Zwiesel, Juz *with Strike Anywhere (Sold out)
Fri, 28             Germany, Saarwellingen, Flexibel *with Strike Anywhere
Sat, 29            Belgium, Meerhout, Groezrock
Sun, 30           Sweden, Stockholm, Firestorm Fest
Wed, 3            France, Paris, Supersonic3
Thu, 4             Netherlands, DIY Fest
Fri, 5               Germany, Dortmund, Visions Party
Sat, 6              Switzerland, Zurich, Obenuse Fest
Sat, 8               UK, Cheltenham, 2000 Trees Festival
Fri, 4               UK, Manchester, Rebellion Festival
8-11                 Slovenia, Tolmin, Punk Rock Holiday
11-13               UK, Hampshire, Boomtown Fair
Sat, 2               UK, London, DIY Space for London, Loud Women Fest
Sat, 9              Germany, Stains In The Sun Festival

A note from Petrol Girls:
We’re really excited to be playing so many great festivals this summer! We also want to use this opportunity to continue taking a stand against sexual violence and harassment in the music community. If you have experienced any sexual violence or harassment (groping/ sexual assault ect) at any of the festivals we are playing then please send us a vocal recording describing your experience. We will compile vocal recordings relating to each festival in to a soundscape to play on stage before we play ‘Touch Me Again’. 
– Keep it short, less than 20 seconds long
– Do not use anyone’s name, band name or identifying features (for legal reasons.) This is about raising awareness of this stuff happening rather than calling out individuals.
– You can use the voice recorder on a smart phone and email directly to
– Specify which festival it happened at, as we aim to make a different soundscape that is specific to each festival.
– If you still want to contribute re something that did not happen at a festival we are playing at, then it’s still worth sending it over, as we may also just make one general soundscape.”



Ren Aldridge: vocals
Liepa Kuraitė: bass/vocals
Joe York: guitar/vocals
Zock: drums

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