TV Priest Announce new UK Dates for Autumn 2021 & reschedule existing dates


Announce new UK Dates for Autumn 2021 Tour
reschedule existing dates

UK Tour to take place 19th October to 4th November 2021

Socially distanced London headliner shows
rescheduled for 3rd July

Tickets here

Debut album ‘Uppers’ out now via Sub Pop

Photographer Credit: Dan Kendall

Praise for TV Priest:

“The blistering debut is a collection of delightfully pungent tracks, delivered in all their unashamed, reckless glory.”CLASH

“ It rounds up most of the usual suspects of our Un-united Kingdom, the pop culture, the insularity, the lies on the side of a bus, but manages to breathe new life into those old tropes by sheer force of personality.”DORK (4 Stars)

“As ‘Uppers’ unfurls, the nods to a cosmic world of motorik beats are an almost perfect tribute of Julian Cope’s celebrated guide, Krautrocksampler.”NME

“The record is broken up by two interludes which, in between the barrage of sounds, allow the listener to a brief breather, allowing us to digest a record that might well land on several end-of-year lists.” Gigwise (9/10)

“…there’s more than enough strange stuff here to quicken the pulse and capture the heart.”Kerrang! Magazine

“The charged debut from the UK post-punks evolves from a band you think you’ve heard a million times before into one you feel like you’re just getting to know.”Pitchfork (7.0)

“Gnarly British post-punk band TV Priest blows a breeze through life’s trinkets and accoutrements on “Decoration,” the beating heart of their forthcoming Sub Pop debut Uppers.”The FADER

“Uppers is a great place to start and should rubber stamp TV Priest as one of, if not your favourite new act.”The Line Of Best Fit (7/10)

“Fuzzed-out post punk from London four-piece on debut LP… harsh, brittle eruptions offering up a variety of teeth-rattling noises.”  – Uncut

“To my ears, just perfect. This album is telling the world not to ignore it and setting a pace that has continued to expand, to wrap its arms around you, as band and listener become one. “ God Is In The TV (9/10)

A Sub Pop signing, one gig in a disused industrial freezer, and a debut album later, TV Priest will tour the UK this autumn, announcing new dates and rescheduling their Spring shows. They’re set to hit up 11 cities across the country, beginning and ending with their stomping ground of London.

The band have also rescheduled their socially distanced and sold out London headliner at Oslo for 3rd July, in what will be only the band’s second and third ever shows.

Born in 2019 out of four childhood friends who made music together as teenagers, their official entrance came in April of last year with the release of debut single ‘House of York’. With stand out singles that include ’This Island’, ‘Runner Up’, ’Slideshow’, ‘Press Club’, and lead track ‘Decoration’, they’ve gained recognition from BBC6 Music, BBC Radio 1, NME, DIY, I Paper, FADER, Brooklyn Vegan, The Line Of Best Fit, Gigwise, Pitchfork, CLASH, NPR, and loads more. With both ‘Runner Up’ and ‘Press Gang’ being added to the BBC6 Music playlist, and in the US ‘Decoration’ spent two weeks at No.1 on the commercial alternative specialty charts, with airplay from the likes of Sirius XMU, The Current, 91X, and KEXP (plus Song of the Day).

Originally due for release late last year the album was pushed back, as mid-campaign they were snapped up by the legendary Sub Pop Records without ever playing a proper gig. Uppers is an album that has a lot to say right now – led with a cuttingly funny, angry, confused, real frontman that is Charlie Drinkwater.

Uppers is out now via Sub Pop Records worldwide. 

UK Autumn tour details and tickets available here from 10am:

*3 Jul 2021 @ London, Oslo 18:45 (Matinee show) SOLD OUT
*3 Jul 2021 @ London, Oslo 21:00 (Evening show) SOLD OUT
*19 October 2021 @ London, Shackwell Arms SOLD OUT
21 October 2021 @ Birmingham, Hare And Hound 
22 October 2021 @ Blackpool, Bootleg Special
23 October 2021 @ Hull, Adelphi
*27 October 2021 @ Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Balch (Upstairs)
28 October 2021 @ Bedford, Esquires
*29 October 2021 @ Manchester, Yes (Basement)
*30 October 2021 @ Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall
31 October 2021 @ Sheffield, Sidney & Matilda
*2 November 2021 @ Bristol, Rough Trade
3 November 2021 @ London, Moth Club
*4 November 2021 @ Southampton, Heartbreakers

*= Rescheduled – purchased tickets remain valid

TV Priest – Uppers
Out now via Sub Pop Records


1. The Big Curve
2. Press Gang
3. Leg Room
4. Journal of a Plague Year
5. History Week
6. Decoration
7. Slideshow
8. Fathers and Sons
9. the ref
10. Powers of Ten
11. This Island
12. Saintless

TV Priest are:

Charlie Drinkwater – vocals
Alex Sprogis – guitars 
Nic Bueth – bass, keys
Ed Kelland – drums

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Ihrsan collaborate on tribute album

Ihrsan collaborate on tribute album

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Miniatures 2020 – due for release on 15th March 2021, is the 40th anniversary tribute album to Morgan Fisher’s original 1980 project which brought together a series of 60 second masterpieces featuring 51 artists with the concept of ‘give me 60 seconds of What You Do’ and which now has a cult following. The current iteration features a massive 124 artists with the same brief and the resulting album is as much a reflection of the human condition of the current day as the original was back in 1980.

Star struck – As a relatively, as yet, unknown band in the broader scheme of all things music biz, Ihrsan were approached by the wonderful people behind Miniatures 2020 and invited to submit a track for the album. The creative concept behind the album is right up their street with their new wave, rock sound and their almost stuckist approach to art as a journey rather than an end product and the resulting track expresses the signature joy and creative freedom that bubbles out of all of their music. The opportunity to work with people like Alan Davies (Project Instigator), Barry Lamb (Project Manager), William Hayter and of course Morgan Fisher, and submit music alongside idols who have influenced the band members for many years was a dream opportunity.

Never grow up – Ihrsan’s contribution to the album is a track called Spaceman Spiff (Spiffing Version). Inspired by a childhood love of the Calvin and Hobbs comic books both the track and associated video bring to life an imaginary world from the perspective of the inner child with all the hope and optimism it embodies and which Ihrsan believe is a vital ingredient to ongoing wellbeing through the challenges we face in life. 

Band bio – Ihrsan are a musical rock collective, in the style of the 70s to 80s rock and punk era bands who had something authentic to say and emerged out of sticky floored, insanitary havens of musical originality. Perhaps that makes them a mid-life crisis rock band, who cares, that just gives them more to write about. They’ve been compared to the likes of Blondie with influences ranging from rock and post-punk to folk and classical which come together with interesting effects.

Sample Reviews (obviously the good ones 😊):

Narc Magasine: “Ihrsan – Laugh Like Scooby Doo – drawn from a range of musical backgrounds, the members of Darlington’s Ihrsan coalesce with amiable results on this, their latest pop rock ditty. There’s no deeper meaning or raw emotion behind it, yet Laugh Like Scooby Doo is nevertheless an aesthetic gem, both in the contrast between its clean and fuzz-drenched guitar hooks and in the muffled, washed-out cloaking of Tamsin Harrison’s (TD’s) vocal – a description which sounds terrible on paper, but on record works a treat. Perhaps more pertinently, it’s a tune whose obvious nods to Blondie, The Stranglers et al never descend into idle retroism. In fact, the most dated thing about it is probably old Scooby himself – 2019’s loss, needless to say”

Two Rivers Radio: “I like bands that work hard on original tracks – they are soft rock pop – easy to listen to – turn up to gigs on time and are friendly.”

The Primrose, Leeds: “Twinset is the best song we’ve heard played here in a long time. That is the standout song in superb set guys”

The Forum, Darlington: “Ihrsan are a rock/pop band that although new, are storming their way through the north east music scene. Doing it for the love of playing, Ihrsan write what they feel and it comes across live, with a rock pop sound that has tinges of indie and an emphasis on lyrics, the band wear there influences on their sleeves”

The Music Lounge, Stockton: “Every song could be a single.”

Please contact: for interviews, quotes, stories or bookings.

Minatures 2020 EPK:

Band EPK:

Social media links:







UK indiepop supergroup Swansea Sound debut video “Indies of the World” (Heavenly, the Pooh Sticks)

UK indiepop supergroup Swansea Sound debut video for “Indies of the World”, from their upcoming 7″ release split on multiple labels around the world. 

RELEASE DATE: March 26th (7″ / Digital / Cassette)

Swansea Sound taking on Spotify one slab of vinyl or cassette single at a time. 

  ‘Indies of the World’, the new single by SWANSEA SOUND, is a call to arms. Its aim is to revitalise the Global Pop Underground, making it strong enough to vanquish the corporate behemoth.  OK, it’s just a limited release 7” single.  But the revolution has to start somewhere.

Hue Williams and Amelia Fletcher of the Pooh Sticks were reunited a few months ago on the first SWANSEA SOUND single, ‘Corporate Indie Band’.  It attracted lots of interest and airplay and sold out in a few hours.  Since then, second single ‘I Sold My Soul on eBay’ has been released as a one-off (on eBay) and played on many radio stations.

Indies of the World’ will be released simultaneously on four different Indie Labels of the World.  There’s no need to buy an expensive import:
UK – SKEP WAX (7” single). 
JAPAN – FORMOSA PUNK (7” single)
USA – HHBTM (7” single). 
WALES – LAVENDER SWEEP (cassette only)

It will not be released on Spotify, Apple Music or other corporate streamers. ‘Indies of the World’ is for record-lovers, indie dancefloors, non-corporate radio shows, and the flourishing online indie DJ/blogging scene.  Flipside ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ is a duet in which feckless male Hue is berated by nonplussed female partner Amelia.  It’s like ‘C is the Heavenly Option’ after a lovers’ tiff.  

OUOTE: From Rob & Amelia
 The song and the video are a celebration of ‘indie’ in its most meaningful sense, i.e. independence from corporate control, with a DIY attitude to playing, recording, releasing records and making videos.   The video was made by Amelia and Rob, using the 7” single sleeve art by Welsh artist Catrin Saran James.  Swansea Sound started during lockdown, so the band are used to sending each other bits of music, ideas for songs and video footage.  It will be a strange and disconcerting moment when they are finally able to meet. 

Indies of the World is the first release on new UK label Skep Wax, but it’s also coming out on sister labels Formosa Punk in Japan, HHBTM in the USA and Lavender Sweep in Wales.  It’s available digitally on Bandcamp, but isn’t on Spotify or Apple or any the other corporate streamers because they aren’t sisters, they are ogres.

Norwegian hard rock band Behind the Thoughts Announce new album

Behind The Thoughts (formerly known as Fierce Justice) is a hard rock/metalband consisting of three members based in Oslo/Akershus, Norway.

The band was formed in July 2019-ten years since the first line-up of Fierce Justice. Drawing their inspiration by thinking of different ways of creating hard-rock music the band assembles bits and pieces of many other genres such as blues, jazz, funk, and heavy music.

The members have performed support for acts such as Tore St. Moren and BlazeBayley during 2014. Callico Cooper from Beasto Blanco (2015), and have also worked as musicians for Chris Holmes ́ (ex.W.A.S.P) solo band. The members have also participated in the televised show, Norway’s got Talent (2018) as apart of Fierce Justice,and got positive feedback from the judges and the Norwegian music industry as they managed to get all the way up to the semi-finals.

The members have over 10 years of experience of playing live music, both in Scandinavia, festivals in Europe and shows in the US. The band is currently working hard to take their live show abroad (as soon as it is possible, in regards to today’s landscape).

They released an album last year(30th of October, 2020), which is named “Behind The Thoughts” and work on creating more music for the future.

New Zealand’s Bitter Defeat release debut EP Minor Victory

   Press Release: Bitter Defeat release debut EP Minor Victory
Hamilton, New Zealand (Kirikiriroa, Aotearoa) based indie-rock band Bitter Defeat today released their debut EP ‘Minor Victory’ via Gravel Streak Records.

  “I like that… A LOT!” – Adam Walton on ‘Light That Shines’, BBC Radio (UK) “…’Light That Shines’ is an effervescent slice of classic New Zealand indie pop mixed with a Buzzcocks swagger and a rousing chorus.” – Backseat Mafia (UK)

Recorded at The Porch Studio by long-time The Datsuns sound engineer and collaborator Scott Newth, ‘Minor Victory’ is the band’s first full release, containing five slabs of off-kilter, hook-laden indie rock with a distinctly 90s feel. Three of the songs – Light That Shines, Long Lash, and Better – have been released as singles and another, ‘Streetlight‘, appeared on last year’s fundraising album ‘In Thrust We Trust’ – a compilation album for their one-time drummer Dean Ballinger.

The full track-listing is as follows:
Light That Shines
Long Lash
All The Things

Rob Shirlow, the band’s originator and main songwriter says “Minor Victory is just that, really, in loads of ways. We managed to record it at the last minute during a lockdown-ridden year, after health issues and all that other stuff going on. I’ve been so lucky to have found a band who are into the same things as me with a similar outlook on making music plus the same level of ambition – enough, but not too much!” Shirlow continues “I think a lot of the best music ever made comes from the late ’80s/early ’90s, especially the ‘slacker’ bands like Pavement, Grandaddy etc. That was peak time for indie-rock, or college rock in the US, echoed by the Flying Nun-era here in Aotearoa. There were so many good bands around then – far out man! Sonically that’s where a lot of our influences come from and there’s definitely a DIY she’ll-be-right attitude in this band which I absolutely love, unexpected given that we have a surgeon and a professor in the band! I had never really sung and played guitar before this band, Ian hadn’t touched the keys, nor Julian the bass, so it was very much a ‘let’s see what happens’ type thing, and it really worked. Having gone through a year like 2020 in which we juggled busy, day-to-day lives and also dealt with some pretty full-on global stuff, having an EP of songs that we are proud of really does feel like something of a minor victory!”

Bitter Defeat is Rob Shirlow (Guitar, Vocals, Words), Ben Manning (Guitar, Vocals), Kathryn Thompson (Drums), Ian Duggan (Casiotone), Julian White (Bass, Backing vocals). The band has played a string of shows with the likes of The Bats, Hamish Kilgour, Princess Chelsea and John Davis of Folk Implosion and released several singles and music videos.

‘Minor Victory’ is available to buy at gigs, on Bandcamp and also stream in all the usual places:

Bandcamp: Minor Victory EP
Spotify: Minor Victory EP
Apple: Minor Victory EP

Twitter & Insta: @bitterdefeatnz

‘I Regret’ by Slava B. ‘ good old Punk Rock with drive & energy’

Slava B. “I REGRET” – Press Release

Slava B. – A guy from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire who composes music and doesn’t stop surprising public with his unique and same time distinctive production. So far this is Slava B’s 5th release and his 2nd full album that promises to be exceptional compared to his previous releases.

If you check Slava B.’s releases on Spotify, iTunes, AmazonMusic or on any other streaming platform, you will notice that it sounds completely different from release to release. It starts from soft rock and moves throughout the genres down to Industrial metal.

According to Slava B.’s statement the new “I REGRET” release is definitely something that simply cannot be missed, backing this up that this album is going to be exceptional and something that people were seeking for a while… a good old Punk Rock with drive & energy.

The release date itself has not been announced yet, instead been promised to expect at least 11 tracks within an album at the later 2021 year, around September time.( All previous releases has also been released every September).

Discography :

Sep. 2016 – “EP” Where the Hell – Indie Rock

Sep. 2017 – Debut Album “My Heart” – Indie/Punk Rock

Sep. 2019 – EP “Ants” – Industrial Metal

Sep. 2020 – EP “Game Of Systems” – Industrial Metal

2021 – Full Album “I REGRET!” – Dance/Punk Rock

Useful Links to find out more about Slava B.

Slava B. has released one of his teaser songs from “I REGRET” into social media already, called “Mentality”. Video of which you can find here on youtube :

SKL Underground – new free digital underground arts magazine

“SKL Underground is your guide to who is up next! This monthly digital magazine was created to feature talent from all sectors of the creative world and provide a platform for them to find new audiences.

The debut issue

From interviews to articles and everything in between we’re sure you will find something you will enjoy! This first issue features a review on @majaybaybay debut album ‘No Guilt, All Pleasure’, an article on the power of politics in Hip-Hop, a write up on the #SaveTheArts movement including interviews with composer Neil Luck, sound engineer Ian Wood & musician Sam Rice, as well as much more for your reading pleasure.”

Sign up to receive your free monthly copy here

Rebellious Welsh band Digital Resistance release debut album Alternative Facts

Digital Resistance is formed by anarchist/left-wing academics who rage
against the status quo. Using a mixture of poetry/spoken word against a
backdrop of heavy riffs and eclectic sounds, the vocals subdued in parts
and angry in others, emphasising the stories told through music,
culminating in songs that serve as history lessons alternative to
white-washed curricula.

Ana Kee, Psy and Wolf have a strong friendship that comes through
bonding on issues of human rights and social justice, evident in their
concerted pursuit of using music almost exclusively as a platform for
political messages. Their debut album, Alternative Facts, is a call to
rebellious action against capitalism, with lessons on how to withstand
opposition. The lyrics deal with complex social issues, and are
delivered against a musical platform overflowing with a rebellious
spirit. The intense energy in these songs was so masterfully captured in
the studio, you would be forgiven for mistaking them for a live

CDs and viynls will be available via Grimace Records here:

Speak Easy Circus – ‘Lions Should Hunt’ – a hunt for misogyny

Lion’s Should Hunt

“The inspiration for ‘Lions Should Hunt’ came after seeing another advert featuring a busty blonde model. I felt sick of being pandered to and sick of excuses for men and by men. If you expect to live in a modern day society then there are no excuses for being a misogynist piece of shit.” – Jack Avison, Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus are an experimental indie/funk posse from the East End of Glasgow. Their chaotic crescendos and eclectic overtures, a celebration of the strange and the new, are a “circus” of tongue in cheek attitude and unpredictability. Speak Easy Circus are a breath of fresh air for everyone into never- the-same-way-twice musical curiosity and funky grooves.

Speak Easy Circus are
(Jack Avison – Guitar/vocals/keys,
Jon Wallace – Sax/Keys,
Frazer Laurie – Drums
Chatonda Ridley – Bass)
They released their debut EP ‘Bravo Tango Charlie’ to an unsuspecting world in 2019, drawing excitingly bewildered comparisons to artists as far apart as Earth, Wind and Fire, The Libertines, Vulfpeck, Frank Zappa and Snarky Puppy.

Following sell out shows at King Tut’s and the O2 Academy, Speak Easy Circus and their phenomenal brass section released the single ‘Neon in Daylight’, a self-proclaimed ‘summer-banger’ in April 2020 to great acclaim, reviews and airtime on many radio stations throughout Glasgow and Scotland.

Speak Easy Circus’ unique musical fusion as well as their politics don’t show the world as it is, but rather as it could be. When the lunatics take over the asylum. 

Speak Easy Circus

Extra info on the song (

Most of the songs are written about things that I have experienced or observed. For example the inspiration for our latest single ‘Lions Should Hunt’ came after I saw an advert featuring a busty blonde model seductively selling something and I was annoyed that this was what people thought would be an effective advertising technique, and annoyed by the fact that it probably was effective! I took that further to think about how men are taught to think about sex, the effect that concepts of masculinity have on us etc. It all sounds very serious or preachy but we try to make sure it isn’t! I think that it is important to discuss these topics but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do it in a tongue-in-cheek way. 

Twitter @speakeasycircus

Honey Lung drop new single Oh So Real and announce intimate live stream

Honey Lung drop new single Oh So Real and announce intimate live stream 

Honey Lung will stream a live show from RYP Studios via YouTube on Fri 29th Jan at 7pm here

Talking about the new singles, Jamie said; “Our release of ‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’ in early 2020 felt meaningful and exciting during the tough year, but it was painful for us that we were not able to tour the release properly. A highlight of the year for us was returning to our home from home at RYP studios to mix some tracks from the recent EP including a veritable Honey Lung classic, and record two soon to be released tracks, including ‘‘Oh So Real’. We can’t even begin to explain how cathartic it was to get together in that space and play these tracks with full gusto together. It was a place we’ve spent countless hours over the years, working with people we loved and respected, and we were able to fully release the pent up energy we’ve all been bottling. ‘Oh So Real’ is a song that feels uniquely Honey Lung-esque and yet it’s not like anything we’ve released so far.

While the world might’ve hit the brakes in 2020, it’s clear Honey Lung’s profile has risen unrelentingly. The band continue to hone and perfect their musical output, even remotely: “a hint of indie, a large dash of emo, a pinch of shoegaze and a generous dollop of alt-rock” (Gigwise). Their distinctive style has seen them receive support from Spotify’s editorial playlists, including ‘New Music Friday’, ‘Hot New Bands’, ‘Garage Jams’, ‘Alt Rocked’ and ‘All New Rock’, as well as Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Rock’.

Jamie continues; “The end of 2020 was a weird time for all of us in the band, and we imagine for pretty much every band around the world. You won’t find another time in history when everyone from the big touring bands, to the grassroots teens have been so equally crippled – by both the virus, and our government’s constant dismissal of the arts. We, like many other musicians, have had to find the positives throughout the year somehow. There’s a bit of a darkly comic joke that break-ups lead to great songs, so it makes sense that these lockdowns are just one, long drawn out, painful break up for musicians from gigging.”

Honey Lung have certainly earned their stripes as a live band, hitting big-name festivals such as Reading & Leeds (where they headlined the BBC Introducing stage), Latitude, tastemakers’ favourites SXSW and The Great Escape. It’s not only festivals paying attention; scene frontrunners Citizen and Basement enlisted Honey Lung for their UK/Europe tours, respectively. Indie-rock darlings Vundabar, Bloody Knees, Airways and JAWS have also brought the Londoners on the road.