temp sleeveArtwork by Russell Taysom

We’re very excited to announce that on Wednesday 8th April 2020, legendary Cambridge/Swansea-based indie label R*E*P*E*A*T Records released a new single by a collective of Bury St Edmunds bands (including Tundra, Gaffa Tape Sandy, B.U.H and Kulk) to raise money for their local food bank.

“A discordant nation with no direction/Led by donkeys, led by mules” – B.U.H

Written in the aftermath of December 2019’s bitter, shameful and not a little embarrassing General Election, ‘They Want Us To Die’ is a three-minute explosion of rampaging garage-punk that sees band members hurling invective at political polarisation, the DWP’s victimisation of vulnerable people, the underfunding
and dismantling of the NHS, homelessness, the gender pay gap, illegal wars, the lie of austerity, the media’s complicity in spreading misinformation, the rise of nationalism and xenophobia, and weaponised false nostalgia. Given horrific new resonance by the current health emergency – to which the UK Government’s course of action so far has been to ignore the growing crisis for as long as possible, reject outright schemes
which would have provided the NHS with ventilators and essential equipment in order to hand contracts to their friends, fail to protect NHS staff with adequate testing and PPE, and tell constant, barefaced lies about the reasons for their failures – ‘They Want Us To Die’ was released digitally on Wednesday 8th April across all streaming platforms. As a launch party isn’t currently possible, the bands will use the single’s release as an opportunity to encourage people to donate much-needed food and/or money to their local food banks.


“They’ll leave us for dead in austerity ditches” – Gaffa Tape Sandy

‘They Want Us To Die’ was written and performed collaboratively by Tundra with Gaffa Tape Sandy, B.U.H, Kulk and Seymour Quigley (Horse Party/Miss Black America), and recorded by Jamie Robertson (Sun Scream/Bad Stone). The sleeve artwork was donated by acclaimed illustrator Russell Taysom (who recently masterminded an incredible animated video for ‘Never Trust A Man With A Perm’ by Idles). Two accompanying videos (by Gaffa Tape Sandy’s Catherine Lindley-Neilson, and Kulk’s Jade Ashleigh Squires) will be unveiled shortly. You can stream and embed the track via the R*E*P*E*A*T Records Soundcloud page right here:


“…and if that means some pensioners die, too bad” – Dominic Cummings

A limited edition 7″ blue flexi single release of ‘They Want Us To Die’ will follow in May via mail order from the R*E*P*E*A*T Records Bandcamp page at http://www.repeatfanzine.bandcamp.com. The flexi will feature an additional track by Swansea-based supergroup Jack City Rockers and all profits will be split between
Gatehouse Food Bank in Bury St Edmunds and Creature Sound in Swansea (who provide much-needed outreach work in the city).

You can find out more about Gatehouse Foodbank and Creature Sound on their websites:
http://www.gatehouse.org.uk http://www.creaturesound.com

It goes without saying that everyone involved with this project (recorded several weeks ago) wishes a quick and complete recovery to all those suffering from COVID 19, regardless of how their actions or inactions may have made the situation worse. The entire motivation of this release is that we all deserve to live in a world where everyone’s health and wellbeing is valued.


English/Slovak duo Craggy Collyde release new album

‘Wrapped up in Ribbons’ is the new six song mini album from English/Slovak duo Craggy Collyde, based in Brno in the Czech Republic.
Inviting talented friends into the process, the new album takes a step further from their 2018 single ‘Sorry Now’, expressing their creative intensity as the album moves throughout a range of sounds, always detailing a glorious mix of noise and melodies wrapped in songs of love, loss and hangovers.
Mixing their love of various creative influences, they have made something that explores the boundaries of alternative rock and roll whilst always retaining an uncompromising and intense energy.
Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, the planned tour to promote the album has been postponed until a later date. However, the music is available now across all the usual platforms, and will be released on 10″ vinyl later this year.
Apple Music:
And subscribe on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Craggynet


The Ingredients EP (Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP) album cover


Returning to where it all began, NED’S ATOMIC DUSTBIN have announced two special shows at Stourbridge Town Hall for this coming December, with two at London Dingwalls the week prior.

It has been over 30 years since Ned’s Atomic Dustbin recorded their debut release, The Ingredients EP, just a few hundred yards from Stourbridge Town Hall. Although reunited since 2008, this will be the first time the original 5-member line-up have played in Stourbridge since 1988 and the first time they have played Dingwalls, their first London headline and sell-out, since 1990.

Friday 27th November – London Dingwalls
Saturday 28th November – London Dingwalls
Friday 4th December – Stourbridge Town Hall
Saturday 5th December – Stourbridge Town Hall

Singer Jonn Penney says:
“Looks like we’re finally coming home! 30 years since we released The Ingredients EP we’re finally going to get to play the songs in Stourbridge. It’s a homecoming that has been a long time coming (and Rat will probably remind us all again that he’s from Sedgley not Stourbridge!) but I think 30 years is long enough to leave it. We can’t wait to play the town hall – it’ll feel like a new venue to us because it’s been such a long time!”

Released in April 1990, The Ingredients EP was the first of three releases by the band for Birmingham based Chapter 22 Records.  Songs from this EP were instrumental in claiming their earliest UK audiences and subsequently a global audience that added up to a million album sales. Arguably most significant is ‘Grey Cell Green’ which won over fans on early UK tours with The Wonder Stuff, Pop Will Eat Itself and Jesus Jones. On release of their debut album ‘God Fodder’, ‘Grey Cell Green’ became a hit on US college radio and gained rotation on MTV helping the band crack the States

“It seems so weird now to think that we wrote Grey Cell Green so early on – we were still just boys and we had no idea that we would ever even release a record at the time. That particular song seems to have defined us well before our ‘hits’ like Kill Your Television, Happy and Intact got written.”

Along with fellow Stourbridge bands Pop Will Eat Itself and The Wonder Stuff, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin were part of the ‘Stourbridge’ scene that emerged in the late 80’s. The band’s twin bass guitar line-up gave them a distinctive sound that quickly enabled them to build up a live reputation across the globe, earning top spots at festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading.

In April 1990, as national media were beginning to take notice, their first taste of television came in the form of an interview for a show called ‘Transmission’ after soundcheck at their first London headline show at Dingwalls in Camden Town.  The interview captured the excitement and unease of the band just before the EPs release, with no idea if they would sink or swim. Their fears unfounded, the band’s ascent into the UK music scene was underway and, with three Indie-chart-topping records under their belts, they signed to Sony Music and notched up appearances on Top Of The Pops and The Word. Then, after three albums and a final show in New York, the band called it a day in 1995.

So, in 2020 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin will be playing the London shows first, before returning home back to their roots – the reverse of their emergence in 1990!

The band are promising a different set each night in London and in Stourbridge to include all tracks from ‘The Ingredients EP’ interspersed with tracks from throughout their catalogue.

50 limited-edition show-specific t-shirt and ticket packages will be available for each show – first come, first served!

Tickets will be onsale 9am Thursday 9th April

Presale 9am Tuesday 7th April
(including ltd edition Tee bundles)

General admission £25 + booking fee
Ltd edition T-Shirt bundle £50 + booking fee
(Limited to 50 per show)

Friday 27th November – London Dingwalls
Saturday 28th November – London Dingwalls
Friday 4th December – Stourbridge Town Hall
Saturday 5th December – Stourbridge Town Hall

Wendy James announces album and rescheduled dates




In a statement WENDY JAMES said: “By doing simple math, it was easy for me to see that in one month’s time when I’d be due to begin rehearsals in April in LDN, it was just not going to happen, nor an all-clear of COVID19 by 5th May when my tour was scheduled to begin. So making a calculation as best as possible, I’ve postponed all the dates until September 2020. All the ticket links are still valid and working! All the VIPs are still valid and welcome!”  

Wendy will release her 5th solo album QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT on 1st May 2020. On the upside she said, “QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT will have been with you all through the summer months and I expect you to all be able to sing every lyric along with me in September! A successful record could make these gigs very electric!


An English singer-songwriter born in London, Wendy exploded onto the British music scene in 1988 as the fearless front woman of chart-topping alt-rockers Transvision Vamp. When the band disbanded Wendy went on to collaborate with Elvis Costello, James Williamson (Iggy & the Stooges), Lenny Kaye (The Patti Smith Group) and James Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), who joins her on drums and percussions for QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT. Also joining her on this album are James Sedwards (lead guitar), Harry Bohay (bass), Alex J. Ward & Terry Edwards (horn section) and Louis Vause (accordion).

Wendy began writing QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT after a long stretch of writing/recording/delivering/touring her previous album ‘The Price Of The Ticket’, which charted in the UK at No.14. Wendy says of the title track, “I gravitated toward some jazzy type of chords which lent a gentle lilt to the song, it sounded smooth and it reminded me of when I was a young child listening to Sergio Mendes ‘Brazil ’66’! Some of those lovely chord progressions, some of that lovely harmonizing the singers did and of course Bacharach and David.” 

Overall, my taste and style have not changed with time,”  Wendy says. “The music that excites me now, ultimately, is the same as when I was starting out songwriting and back through my days in Transvision Vamp. I continue to marvel at Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, I continue to be blown away by The Stooges, I continue to be everlastingly enthralled by Bob Dylan, but of course, the older one gets the more one discovers and I am now informed more cohesively and fully by all the music, new and old, which settles into my consciousness.

“My track listings are never altered from the order in which I write the songs, maybe it’s because it’s too tangential for me to try to shuffle songs around but really I think, in some kind of holistic way, the order in which the songs are written must surely be the very most natural order for them to be listed in. Around about song 14 ‘Bliss Hotel’ I hit a wall. I did not know where the inspiration was going to come from! But then somehow, miraculously, it comes again and one pushes on through, as it turned out, to some of my favourite songs on the entire album. My perfect moment? song 18 ‘Cancel It… I’ll See Him On Monday’; it was a ‘Eureka’ moment. I ran out into the garden and started dancing, “I’ve got it! I’ve got it!!!””

Elsewhere on the album, Wendy embraces Motown with ‘Here Comes The Beautiful One’ and ‘Little Melvin’, she returns, once again, to her favourite guitar guttural filth and sex for ‘Perilous Beauty’ and an unlikely sounding love song in ‘Chicken Street’, 90’s pop groove in ‘Ratfucking’, melancholia in ‘Testimonial’, Django Reinhardt whimsy in ‘I’ll Be Here When The Morning Comes’. On ‘The Impression Of Normalcy’, Wendy says, “Thanks to James Sclavunos, who told me to “speed the fucking song up”, I have a proper speed punk song.” Finally, track 20 ‘Kill Some Time Blues’ is the ultimate 60’s girl group number.

Wendy recently toured the UK with her permanent band THE WENDY JAMES BAND opening for The Psychedelic Furs, which was a huge success. Details of her rescheduled 19-date tour are below…

Wendy currently divides her time between New York City, Paris, South France and London.





















Tickets available via: https://thewendyjames.com/live/


1. Queen High Straight

2. Perilous Beauty

3. Free Man Walk

4. Stomp Down, Snuck Up

5. Little Melvin

6. Marlene et Fleur

7. A Heart Breaking Liar’s Promise

8. Here Comes The Beautiful One

9. Chicken Street

10. Testimonial

11. Bar Room Brawl & Benzedrine Blues

12. Ratfucking

13. She Likes To Be (Underneath Somebody)

14. Bliss Hotel

15. Freak In

16. The Impression Of Normalcy

17. I’ll Be Here When The Morning Comes

18. Cancel It… I’ll See Him On Monday

19. Sugar Boy

20. Kill Some Time Blues

All songs written, produced and mixed by Wendy James.


The album is available as a 20 track deluxe gatefold double vinyl, gatefold deluxe CD, regular CD and Digital Download / Streaming.

QUEEN HIGH STRAIGHT is available to preorder at https://thewendyjames.com/store and this store is the main driver for all of Wendy’s recordings and associated art, t-shirts, all things Wendy.

WEBSITE: https://thewendyjames.com

STORE: https://thewendyjames.com/store


FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/THEWENDYJAMES

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/THEWENDYJAMES

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/thewendyjames

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/the-wendy-james

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/THEWENDYJAMESVIDEO



(Picture credit Daniel Brereton)





It’s a weird time in the world right now. It’s always been a weird time in EGGland. The Lovely Eggs, the acclaimed psych-punk duo, who are set to release their new album ‘I Am Moron’ this coming April 3rd via EGG Records, had been due to tour the UK in April to promote the album’s release and many of the dates were already sold out. Obviously, due to current world events the tour now cannot take place, but The Lovely Eggs are not the giving up type, and the band have successfully already rescheduled all of their dates to now take place in July.

“In light of the coronavirus it was just impossible for us to go ahead with our April tour,” explains singer and guitarist Holly Ross. “Fortunately for us, we are used to shit hitting the fan, so we’ve rescheduled all the gigs to now take place in July instead. We hope everyone can still make all the rescheduled gigs and get ready for one hell of an Eggs party this summer. We’d like to thank all of the promoters we work with for helping us reschedule the dates. They’ve been absolute legends and we can’t believe we’ve put the tour back together so quickly. Solidarity going out to all the other bands, promoters and venues who have had to reschedule or cancel their tours. We’re all in it together. This is mad innit. Look after yourselves and see you on the other side Eggheads!”

With this news, The Lovely Eggs are also set to brighten our day today with an innovative self-made, gloriously DIY dayglo-psych video for new single ‘Still Second Rate’.

“It’s interesting to think about what is really valuable in life and also in music and what is valuable to us is absolutely worthless to a lot of other people,” explains Holly on the single.  “And same goes the other way around. The instrumental mid bit of this song features our version of the hold music from the working tax credit hotline. We must have spent more time on hold on that hotline than any other band on the planet.

“For the video we wanted to present a masterclass in how to not spend £20,000 on making a music video so we made it ourselves,” she continues. “So many bands blow so much wedge on making videos it’s a bit obscene, so we thought fuck it, we’ll do it ourselves. It’s our ethos really and is also totally in keeping with the song. We’ve never moaned about not having access to big budgets and not doing stuff is just not an option for us, so we always roll up our sleeves, get on with it and do the best that we can for the budget we have got, which for this was zero! I suppose with the video we wanted people to question what their idea of “second rate” is. “Second Rate” means different things to different people. For some people the idea of a pot noodle sandwich would be unthinkable but to David it’s a delicious after-hours snack. Same with living in Lancaster and not having a label etc. These are things that some people consider “second rate” but we don’t. So, there are a lot of images in there that invite the viewer to question their opinions on what they value. Then there’s a load of psychedelic footage and random images to blast the mundane out into the universe because it’s impossible to cope with the bleakness of day to day life without having some magic in there. So yeah in a way this video is like a microcosm of our world. Enjoy the ride!!


‘Still Second Rate’ will be available, as it should be, on limited edition snot green colored vinyl and backed by the non-album track ‘Jam Wild Jam’.

‘I am Moron’ is their second album to be co-produced and mixed by Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala) and continues their journey through Eggland into the unknown, with artwork by genius artist and video director Casey Raymond, who has the unbridled talent to perfectly visualize The Lovely Eggs sound,  spewing Eggland out in a swirling whirlpool of dayglo colours, melting faces and symbols.

With no booking agent, manager, record label or publisher The Lovely Eggs are truly independent. And this isn’t due to economics. This is by design. From day one. And support for them is snowballing. They are selling out bigger and bigger venues and more eggheads are joining them in their crusade against bullshit.

Welcome to their world. This Is Eggland!

‘I am Moron’ track-listing:

1. Long Stem Carnations
2. You Can Go Now
3. This Decision
4. You’ve Got The Ball
5. Bear Pit
6. I Wanna
7. 24 Eyes
8. The Mothership
9. Insect Repellent
10. The Digital Hair
11. Still Second Rate
12. New Dawn

Catch the band live at the following dates:

Thursday July 16: The Cluny, Newcastle
Friday July 17: Gorilla, Manchester  *SOLD OUT*
Saturday July 18: The Brudenell, Leeds  *SOLD OUT*
Sunday July 19: Castle and Falcon, Birmingham  *SOLD OUT*
Monday July 20: The Portland Arms, Cambridge  *SOLD OUT*
Tuesday July 21: Komedia, Brighton  *SOLD OUT*
Wednesday July 22: The Loft, Southampton
Thursday July 23: The Fleece, Bristol  *SOLD OUT*
Friday July 24: The Garage, London  *SOLD OUT*
Saturday July 25: The Bullingdon, Oxford
Wednesday, July 29: Mash House, Edinburgh
Thursday, July 30: CCA, Glasgow
Saturday, August 8: Network, Sheffield
Friday, October 23: Heaven, London
Friday October 30: The Ritz, Manchester

Tickets available HERE:

Physical pre-order link HERE:

Find The Lovely Eggs online at:


Sophie Mahon, New Wave/Art Rock artist from Bury St Edmunds

“[Sophie] might have been born a decade too late to be a New Romantic, but
she’s bang on time to start the revival.” – Maddy Costa,

“Sharp-suited surefire future pop sensation” Sophie Mahon brings a form of
escapism and romanticism that is somewhat lacking in today’s cynical 21st
Century maelstrom of plastic pop. Sophie takes inspiration from her Eighties New
Wave influences Roxy Music, Duran Duran and David Bowie “but far from being a
mere pastiche of bigger-haired times, [Sophie’s] music is fresh, urgent and oddly
moving” – Seymour Quigley.

Sophie’s band (Sophie Mahon & The Ready Mades) have played venues and
festivals including Bearded Theory Festival, The Hope & Anchor and The John
Peel Centre. The band competed in BurySOUND’s 2019 band competition;
reaching the grand final and playing at The Apex.

Sophie and her Ready Mades have also supported Eighties legends ‘The Blow
Monkeys’ at Epic Studios, Norwich.


Sophie has two E.P’s under her belt: ‘Xenon Nights – Dusk’ (2018) and ‘Xenon
Nights – Dawn’ (2019). Both of which received regular play on both BBC
Introducing In Suffolk and Norfolk. Suffolk also included Sophie in their showcase
last year, at The John Peel Centre, for the four most exciting talents in the

A relative late comer, Sophie did not pick up a guitar until she was eighteen
having stumbled across Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music whose layering and artistic
outlook inspired her to take the plunge. Sophie had up until this point been in the
process of following in her parents footsteps and joining the Royal Navy.
Needless to say, Sophie made the decision to leave the Royal Navy after six
months training, feeling that life was too short to not do what she enjoyed.
Sophie completed an Artist Development course at Access to Music which has
seen the likes of luminaries such as Ed Sheeran, Let’s Eat Grandma and Mullally
go on to have successful careers within the music industry.

Twitter @Sophthemahon
Insta @sophiemahonmusic/


Swansea Alternative rocker FoxSleep releases EP#03

Alternative rocker FoxSleep releases EP#03

Across 3 tracks, FoxSleep (aka Swansea-based musician Jason Morgan) crashes, jangles, strums and waltzes through the themes of identity, denial and middle management. Throughout the stop-start psychedelia of Trail Of Distraction, the indie-folk brood of Elsewhere, and the waltzing ramble of Walter, EP#03 defies modern over-production and breathes with the warmth and energy of a retro garage rock album. Combining influences across rock, pop, indie, folk and jazz, this third installment in a series of DIY EPs sees FoxSleep’s most focussed and representative work to date.

EP#03 “hits you gently with infectious semi-psychedelic stop-start chops and quirky Beatlesque singing ///  BRILLIANT! ESSENTIAL KIT!” micromusicreviews.com

Catch one of FoxSleep’s stripped-down live shows in 2020, including an opening slot at Swansea’s Bunkhouse on 15th March supporting Joe Collins, Strange Orchid, Static Fires and Cluster.


PRESS CLUB share new single Insecurities and festival dates

PRESS CLUB share new single Insecurities

UK festivals incl. Dot To Dot and Download​

Photo credit: Ian Laidlaw

With their biggest UK and EU tour now in the rear-view mirror – a triumphant victory lap after the release of their critically lauded new album Wasted Energy last summer – Australian indie-punk hopes Press Club return with a video for their new single Insecurities, just as they begin a run of AUS dates in support of The Menzingers.

2019 saw the band back up the promise of their debut album Late Teens with Wasted Energy, as they toured relentlessly through the UK. Finding more and more fans through performances at The Great Escape, Reading & Leeds Festivals, and a host of sold-out club shows, they were also spotlighted across BBC Radio. Annie Mac named them her “Future Sound”, they performed live in session from Maida Vale for Dan P Carter’s BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, and tastemaker Steve Lamacq introduced them to BBC 6 Music listeners with thunderous former single Separate Houses.

With Insecurities – three minutes and two seconds of concise and visceral power-pop – Press Club capture all that they do best: earworm melodies, fists-in-the-sky intensity, and heartfelt introspection, with singer Natalie Foster the familiar fire beneath them. Featuring shades of 1980’s North American punk rock and craftily interwoven overdrive, Insecurities unfurls into an anthemic chorus, with a decidedly folk sensibility. Lyrically singer, Natalie Foster, reveals self doubt, insecurities, and it is a touchstone for the band’s progress since releasing their debut record Late Teens in 2019.

Ever-prolific, Insecurities was originally recorded during the Wasted Energy sessions, and was plucked by German publication Visions Magazine for inclusion in their annual rarities compilation record of never-before heard material. It featured alongside artists including IDLES, Metz, Ty Segall, Marilyn Manson and J. Mascis, with Press Club also being named the #1 Newcomer of the Year in their readers poll.

The accompanying video is made from documentary cuts, as the band were followed on their many travels through the UK, EU and AUS.

Watch the video below.

See the band live on the following dates

Thu May 21 – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
Fri May 22 – Dot To Dot Festival, Manchester
Sat May 23 – Dot To Dot Festival, Bristol
Sun May 24 – Dot To Dot Festival, Nottingham
Fri Jun 12 – Download Festival
Sun Jun 14 – Booze Cruise, Hamburg

Praise for Press Club

“An amazing, amazing record. There’s no answer to where they could end up.” – Kerrang!

“A breathless exorcism of adolescent emotion. Late teens will leave a remarkable imprint.” – NME

“The centrepiece both on record and in the flesh is the powerhouse performance of vocalist Natalie Foster.” – DIY

“This is one club that the world will be clamouring to join.” – Upset

“Press Club install a rackety underlay to their sound that gives them a uniqueness most bands would kill for.” – Alt Press Bands to Watch 2019

“Suburbia is such a big track” – Jack Saunders, BBC Radio 1

“One of our records of the year for sure – so great.” – Dan P Carter, BBC Radio 1

“A listen-all-the-way-through-and-hit-repeat masterpiece.” – Aesthetica Magazine

“Nat Foster adds a lot of star power. You can see Press Club going far.” – Louder Than War

“Headwreck is a whirlwind of a track.” – The i Paper

Press Club: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify

Deep City announce new single and live dates






temp 2

DEEP CITY will release a shimmering new single: ‘Joyride’ this March.

Alive with reverberating melodies and layers of languid synthesisers, ‘Joyride’ is 3 and a half minutes of pure mercurial bliss.

Inspired by that unstoppable feeling of being young and foolish, ‘Joyride’ sees the band revelling in its highs, whilst ruminating on the reckless decisions and life-lessons that line the twisting road that winds towards adulthood.

Capturing the laid-back essence of chillwave maestros like Neon Indian or Toro Y Moi, the track is also shot through with glistening guitars steeped in chorus-cued effects pedals reminiscent of the band’s utmost 80s icon Prince. Speaking about ‘Joyride’, Deep City say:

“We wanted to go for a clean, choppy sound that was Prince-esqe.. Joyride is a more guitar driven track, and astep into a cleaner and stylised direction after experimenting with different electronic styles.”

Written at the band’s home-studio, the track sees them veering away from the more electronically-experimental offerings of previous, and refining their sound into a vehicle of more purposeful direction. ‘Joyride’ was self-recorded and self-produced by Alex of Deep City, before being mixed and mastered by Jake Day of North Acre Studios.

‘Joyride’ arrives as the band prepare to hit the road later this Spring. Kicking off with a hometown date at Cambridge’s Blue Moon on 21st March with support from other R*E*P*E*A*T faves Pockets for Girls, the band will also play a number of dates across East Anglia, plus a London date at the capital’s The Finsbury venue. Full dates and details are outlined as follows:


21/03: The Blue Moon, Cambridge

24/03: The Finsbury, London

03/04: The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds

04/04: The Smokehouse, Ipswich

05/04: The Waterfront Studio, Norwich

Deep City are an Indie/Electronic/ Alternative Pop band hailing from Cambridgeshire. Inspired by post-rock trailblazers Radiohead to Everything Everything, pop pin-ups such as Prince to The 1975, and a new breed of synth-wave searchers including Jaws and Tory Y Moi; the four-piece channel their multifarious influences into a sound that is eclectic in style, atmospheric to the touch, and endlessly listenable.

The band played their debut gig for R*E*P*E*A*T while still at school at a young performers show a few years ago. This was quickly followed by their first recording session in the label’s Big Badger Music Shack which then lead on to their first vinyl release and first national radio play.

Now well established around the East Anglia scene, in their short time together the band have been crowned double winners of the New Music Generator Award for ‘Best Band 18 & Under’ (as-voted for by a panel of music experts from across East Anglia) and have also scooped the prestigious ‘One to Watch’ prize at the Cambridge Band Competition.

And word is spreading. The band’s record Store Day release ‘Where Are We’, caught the attention of BBC Radio 6 Music muso Steve Lamacq who championed the record on air, whilst also impressing on the live stage in support of celebrated peers such as October Drift, Blaenavon, Tugboat Captain and Yves.

With a clutch of exciting new material in-waiting for 2020, expect to hear much more from Deep City as 2020 unfolds.



Alex – Drums / Lewis – Lead Guitar / Stan – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar / Stephen – Bass



f/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/DeepCityLove






Diet Cig by Emily Dubin (Press shot 2020)

They’ve been compared to tornadoes, firecrackers, and lightning storms, and described as genuine, unapologetic, and down-to-earth. And today Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman of gutsy rock duo Diet Cig are excited to announce the forthcoming release their sophomore full-length, Do You Wonder About Me? on May 1st via Frenchkiss Records. They are also happy to share the newest single off the LP, lead track “Thriving,” and note, “Thriving” is a cathartic, campy release of feelings. Its about the duality of absolutely THRIVING without someone but also desperately wanting them to notice you doing so. Inspired by the melodrama of reality TV and musical theater, we wanted the song to bounce back and forth between a lavish personal anthem and the anguish of feeling forever beholden to others opinions.”


“Thriving” is the follow up to last month’s “Night Terrors” which was included on NPR’s “All Songs” broadcast week of release. Stereogum proclaimed it “quite a comeback” further noting, “the real powerhouse of this track is the drums, which launch the atmosphere headlong into weightlessness…meek vulnerability in the daintiness and girlishness of the vocals add an irresistible sweetness.”  Uproxx included the song in their “best of the week” and said “with their signature powerful guitar chords and crashing cymbals, ‘Night Terrors’ gives fans a look into the band’s new era.” 

Diet Cig’s live shows are a whirlwind of belting and high-kicks, their pure energy as yet unmatched. The band have confirmed their first set of North American and UK dates in support of the new album as well as announcing an in-store performance on April 30th at London’s Rough Trade East. Tickets for the newly announced shows will go on sale Friday, March 6 at 10am local time.

Do You Wonder About Me? Is the follow-up to 2017’s Swear I’m Good At This. The new record marks a more intentional, self-assured Diet Cig; not only in Luciano’s radically intimate, acerbic lyrics, but in the duo’s sound as well. Luciano and Bowman moved to Richmond, VA in the summer of 2017 as a place to “hide out and make music,” and it was there that they wrote Do You Wonder About Me?, Diet Cig’s ode to growing up.

“We spent a lot of time after the first record growing as people, being humans outside of tour for a little bit, and trying to shed the imposter syndrome.” Luciano says. Spending the time to make the kind of music they really wanted to make and making sure they felt good about it was crucial to the success of tracks like “Night Terrors.” It’s a slower-paced song than Diet Cig’s usual, but just as biting; a song about reckoning with all the past versions of yourself. As Luciano puts it, “Am I still these people, or have I shapeshifted?” It’s essentially the thesis of Do You Wonder About Me?, considering and accepting the embarrassing aspects of your identity, and how they’re just as much a part of you as the good stuff.

“When we made our first record we almost felt like we had something to prove,” Luciano says. Much of it was written on tour—the kinks in the songs worked out by playing them live. But the writing and recording of Do You Wonder About Me? was imbued with more freedom. Diet Cig had the sense that they could make whatever they wanted. Luciano and Bowman, instead of practicing live to an audience, worked on their songs over the course of a year in their practice space, and ended up finishing tracks with their longtime producer Chris Daly at Headroom Studios in Philadelphia, PA, and back in New Paltz, NY at Salvation Recording. Instead of making sure they’d fit their live show, Diet Cig tinkered with songs until they felt right to them. As a result, Do You Wonder About Me? has a freshness, a gleaming new direction. Fewer boundaries. More truth, more honesty.

Diet Cig UK live dates:

Apr 30th – London, UK @ Rough Trade East (instore/album release show)
May 2nd – Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade
May 4th – Brighton, UK @ The Hope and Ruin
May 5th – Manchester, UK @ YES
May 6th – London, UK @ Camden Assembly

Selected UK praise for Diet Cig & their debut album “Swear I’m Good At This”:

“”I’m trying to take over the world” Luciano sings in “Link In Bio”. With the power demonstrated here, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s something that Diet Cig achieve.” Dork 5/5

Swear I’m Good At This should probably be called Swear I’m Fucking Ace At This instead for higher accuracy levels.” – DIY 4/5

“The hottest new name in indie-rock.” Kerrang! 4/5

“A party where everyone is welcome.” Upset 5/5

“We’ve been waiting for this, forever.” London In Stereo

“A triumph of both style and substance.” Louder Than War 9/10

“Raucous pop-punk… clever, funny, confrontational and touching.” – Mojo 4/5

“They’re the kind of band we need right now and Swear I’m Good At This is their rallying cry.”  The Line Of Best Fit 8.5/10 (Album Of The Week)

“It’s a little bit genius, I’m sure you’ll agree.” – CLASH

“Bold, fun and important.” – NME

Diet Cig album art

Do You Wonder About Me? Track list:
1.   Thriving
2.   Who Are You?
3.   Night Terrors
4.   Priority Mail
5.   Broken Body
6.   Makeout Interlude
7.   Flash Flood
8.   Worth The Wait
9.   Stare Into the Sun
10. Night Terrors Reprise