R*E*P*E*A*T announces You Flexi Thing Vol 8 line up for Record Store Day 2021

Seditious Swansea / Cambridge underground label REPEA*T Proudly Presents
For Record Store Day 2021
You Flexi Thing Vol 8:
X-Ray Flex

New tracks from South Wales and East Anglia, from proper Top of the Pops popstars and young pretenders, to mark Record Store Day 2021, July 17th .

REPEA*T Records continues in its quest to bash back at Boris and the bigots one bit of bendy vinyl at a time, with the release of You Flexi Thing Vol 8.

Sleeve artwork by Seattle graphic designer Phil Rose Esq

Continuing with recent (anti) tradition, X-Ray Flex is an East West DIY Punk Rock Rebel Alliance Production, spanning both the UK and generations.

Within its flexible white groov(ie)s you can hear

The Darling Buds : Jump In
Newport indie legends hint at the brilliance of their almost imminent new album, Jump In is an instant Buds ear worm which will delight their fans around the world.

Twitter @theedarlingbuds

Pic Mark Blundell

The Monoliths : Fuck Oasis
The Monoliths are a teenage psychedelic punk-prog 4-piece band from a Cambridge school, with an ear for unexpectedly massive sounds and a healthy disrespect for their elders and lessers. More likely to receive abuse from Liam and Noel than radio play.


Tom Emlyn : Serenade
Heart stoppingly beautiful track from Swansea / Cardiff based songwriter which promises great things from his debut album. Tom is also the guitarist in Swansea’s bilingual noise bandits Bandicoot, whose Fuzzy sounds are currently creating a mini maelstrom.


The Verdicts : You Believe
Adrenaline fuelled teen band from Colchester whose crazily catchy punk barbs are deftly aimed at Boris Johnson and anyone else who spreads ‘the lies you read in The Sun’.


X-Ray Flexi
will be available exclusively from participating indie record stores nationwide in limited dazzling white bendy vinyl with artwork by Phil Rose esq from July 17th. Cat No MBRR158.

Listen and buy remaining copies (with even more exclusive badge) from July 24th here

A DIY Punk Rock East West Rebel Alliance Production

Keep supporting your local independent record shop #RSD21

Catch them live:
Tom Emlyn – Swansea Creature Sound, August 6th

The Monoliths / The Verdicts – Cambridge Portland Arms, August 13th
The Darling Buds – Newport Le Pub, September 11


More info rosey@repeatfanzine.co.uk

Proudly supporting Love Music Hate Racism

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