Trouble : Swansea Year 6 Band release debut ep

Swansea Year 6 Band release debut ep with support from a host of underground indie superstars.

* Atomic Beat Boys debut three track ep released digitally on May 20th
* Very limited handmade CDs and lathe cut vinyls in aid of War Child available from soon
* Initial vinyls available here

“This is Fantastic!!! The New Langley School Project for Punk Kids. Just Brilliant! I’d love to do a remix. Helen Love

“You never forget your first time on the radio, and these boys deserve it for their enthusiastic rendition of this classic. The definition of punk. Amazing stuff!”
Tom Emlyn, Bandicoot

We are absolutely delighted to be involved with this wonderful initiative.” War Child

“We are incredibly proud of the creativity, imagination and hard work the boys have shown in recording this track and using it to raise money for War Child. Proof, in more ways than one, that music can change lives”. Amanda Taylor, Head teacher of the bands school.

Long standing Swansea underground indie label R*E*P*E*A*T is to release an ep by a band of 10-11 year olds through its Big Badger imprint. The band, Atomic Beat Boys, were ‘discovered’ by label head honcho Richard Rose, who also teaches at the boys’ school in the city and famously took a similarly aged group to play live in front of 6 million viewers on Blue Peter. He recorded the track in the year 6 classroom on his trusty steam powered laptop. “From the moment they first started experimenting with guitars, I’ve been bowled over by their enthusiasm, creativity and hard work, and I love the way they’ve made the track their own” he said.

His enthusiasm is shared by a host of local musicians who have rushed to get behind the track: supporters include Huw Williams of Swansea Sound / The Pooh Sticks, Tom Emlyn of Bandicoot and Rob Pursey of Skep Wax Records who said “What a great version; I’d love to hear it on the radio!”. Remixes were donated by John William Davies (Teen Anthems) and Swansea indie punk icon Helen Love, who has been unstinting in her support of the boys’ efforts and one of whose Radio Hits inspired the band’s name. Of her remix she says “I tried to do it a bit modern so the kids can hear that they can make pop music too”.

Equally gratifyingly, the recording has been admired by those involved with the original release of ‘Trouble’ back in 1994 by teen duo Shampoo, who were barely out of primary school themselves. Their manager Gillian Porter said “This is great- well done – they’ve suitably rocked it up!” while Shampoo’s press officer, Caffy St Luce (who famously also worked with The Manics, Radiohead and Elbow) added “How fantastic! I was singing along! As a Shampoo fan, I gotta say this is ace!”

The ep will be available to stream from May 20 with very limited vinyl and CD copies available from Bandcamp; these will be sold to raise money for War Child to support children who are suffering in wars around the world, including Ukraine. Monies raised before May 31st will be matched by the government. Find out more about War Child here

Full track listing
1. Trouble
2. Trouble – Glitter and Sea Foam mix by Helen Love
3. Trouble – Teen Anthems mix by John William Davies

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