Paper Birch (Urusei Yatsura & NEUMES) share new single ‘Blue Heartbreak’

Experimental noise rock duo Paper Birch share new single ‘Blue Heartbreak’ .

Debut album morninghairwater is out July 30th via Reckless Yes

With a fuzzy undercurrent running beneath their billowing acoustic guitar and cloudy synth, Paper Birch immediately recall dreampop and slowcore greats, particularly Galaxie 500. 
Beats Per Minute

“Paper Birch’s sound seems to exist between an array of genres, one moment engulfing the listener in a flurry of angular shoegazing noise, before the next slipping into richly melodic moments of indie-pop.” 
For The Rabbits

“An intoxicating squall of noise pop framed in a fever dream visual”
God Is In The TV

“The balance of the vocals between Lawrie and Sada is something that should have you excited for the release of the LP”
Austin Town Hall

Paper Birch is a collaborative experimental noise rock duo formed virtually by Fergus Lawrie (Urusei Yatsura) and Dee Sada (NEUMES / An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump) in May 2020. Despite 10 years of online communication, the pair are yet to meet in the flesh.  United by mutual feelings of despair, fragility and hope, they passed ideas and sounds between London and Glasgow whilst the UK was in lockdown. The resulting 9-track debut LP morninghairwater is set to be released on vinyl, CD and digital via independent label Reckless Yes on July 30th 2021

Standout single ‘Blue Heartbreak’, which premiered today via Under The Radar, reflects on the point at the end of a relationship when your heart is so broken that it starts to feel ok again. Epic 90s guitar solos engulf the listener before fading into a 70s-esque disco drum outro, an amalgamation of 20th century pop through an experimental lens that is distinctively ‘Paper Birch’. “The video is a physical interpretation of colour and movement,” explains Sada, who edited the video. “‘Blue Heartbreak’ is an anthemic break-up song and the dancer conveys the different stages of break up emotions: sadness, frustration and then a new found empowerment where they’re ready to own the world”.

“Written, recorded and produced during the first lockdown, morninghairwater is a collection of thoughts and sounds which represent the emotional space between clinging on to the old pre-pandemic world and hurtling into a strange, unknown, terrifying new world” explains Sada. “It’s a testament to love, hope, beauty, fear, loss, sadness and isolation.” A melting pot of genres, morninghairwater twists and turns through moments of 60’s inspired indie-pop, fuzzed out angular shoegaze and glitchy electronic soundscapes with astonishing ease.  

Whilst morninghairwater may be a product of the universally challenging time in which it was recorded, the duo has already started work on their second album and Paper Birch looks set to be an enduring fixture of the UK experimental scene.   
1. Summer Daze
2. Love For The Things Yr Not
3. Elegy As We Mourn
4. I Don’t Know You
5. Hide
6. Cemetery Moon
7. Blue Heartbreak
8. Curse Us
9. Fallen


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