Swansea formed WINDSHAKE announce their new single “Sharing Machine”, out on the 23rd of April. The track is the second of four singles to be released from their impending
debut album (release date and title TBC).

The band currently consists of Sam Elliot, Kilian Lee and Oliver Thomas. With their roots in psychedelic rock, the band’s newer material shows a strong influence of folk and
progressive rock.

The song’s lyrics implies that the human race has become attached to a new species: our phones. Constantly we share, constantly we scroll, endlessly we are beckoned by emojis.
Conceived in a moment of drunken ecstasy, the track may well have been consigned to the waste paper folder of history had it not been for the very object whose omnipresence is

Sam explains: “I don’t remember much about the process of writing it. I do remember waking up hungover on a bed and having the lyrics there. And then I checked my voice memos and it was there so I must have done a rough demo when I was pretty drunk and then re-learnt the song.”

“When I first met Kilian I said ‘Oh I wrote this song’. It was fairly soon after we first met. The guitar that I play on the recording, I didn’t have yet but I wanted to buy it. So I showed Kilian the song in the guitar shop and he just picked up another guitar and started playing the riff pretty instantly. That was quite a nice moment.”

Musically, the song builds on similar folk roots as their previous single release “Orange Raincoat”. Kilian elaborates: “‘Orange Raincoat’ comes more from the American folk point of view, this has a more medieval English or European sound. Both of my guitars are 12 strings so that gives it a particular sound.

There’s a lot more instrumentation this time around but it still builds on a similar foundation.”
Sam continues: “For me, it was mainly influenced by the Ty Segall Sleeper album. It’s like the lo-fi acoustic.”

The track was recorded in Factory Studios in Bristol, where the band have been based for the past eighteen months. Produced by the band themselves, the song was one of the earliest from the album to be completed.

Oliver says: “At that point, we hadn’t really had much experience in a studio. We’d started working with an engineer in Factory who’s done it for a while and he was giving us ideas on how to capture the sound. That’s helped in later recordings.”

WINDSHAKE have been steadily releasing a number of EPs in the past three years, all of which have been leading up to their first full length album project. Currently, the band is looking for a record label to release the full album, which is now in the mixing stage.

In the meantime, the band are hard at work rehearsing for the resumption of live shows in the Summer.
“Sharing Machine” is out on the 23rd of April on all major streaming platforms as well as Bandcamp for purchase.
An acoustic live video of “Sharing Machine” and “Orange Raincoat” will premiere on the band’s YouTube and other social media sites, one week after the song’s release on the 30th of April.

The official music video for “Sharing Machine”, directed by Lily Adams, will premiere two weeks after the song’s release on the 7th of May.

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