Disappearer – new novel from Cambridge’s Chris Johnson

People are being made to disappear. The removal men come along and take them away. That’s the conspiracy Chad Fenton stumbles upon. The mastermind pulling the strings behind the scenes is the Sallow Man (who looks like that Polish actor.)

The square-pegs and misfits living on the fringes of society are the ones being targeted―which means that Chad and his circle of friends are in deep trouble.

Disappearer: (Kafka in High Fidelity) by [Chris Johnson]

And so, Chad’s slacker life starts turning into spy thriller, and this has to happen just when he’s hooked up with Japanese art student Yuri Yamanaka. He’d much rather be at home having sex with her than putting himself in harm’s way; but Chad is beginning to discover that he has a lot less control over his life than he thought he had―and a truly horrific fate is lying instore for him.

DISAPPEARER marks a major(ish) departure for the author of MYSTERIOUS GIRLFRIEND, and, even more impressively, is also his shortest novel to date.

Chris Johnson

Author Chris Johnson will be known to R*E*P*E*A*T readers as a member of Chief Sharkey. He is resident of Cambridge (the one in England that’s not in Gloucestershire), and this novel is clearly set in Cambridge and includes recognisable locations like the Portland Arms and the Q-club. The subtitle ‘Kafka in High Fidelity’ is to imply that the story’s a cross between Kafka and the Nick Hornby novel. Chris is a Japanophile and, like a cat, semi-social. His interests in anime, rock music, cult TV and 19th-century literature combine to fuel his writing. He aims to write books that will stand out from the crowd – in the same way that an exhibitionist at a state funeral stands out. He draws his own covers as well.

You can buy Disappearer here

Disappearer: (Kafka in High Fidelity) eBook: Johnson, Chris: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

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