UK indiepop supergroup Swansea Sound debut video “Indies of the World” (Heavenly, the Pooh Sticks)

UK indiepop supergroup Swansea Sound debut video for “Indies of the World”, from their upcoming 7″ release split on multiple labels around the world. 

RELEASE DATE: March 26th (7″ / Digital / Cassette)

Swansea Sound taking on Spotify one slab of vinyl or cassette single at a time. 

  ‘Indies of the World’, the new single by SWANSEA SOUND, is a call to arms. Its aim is to revitalise the Global Pop Underground, making it strong enough to vanquish the corporate behemoth.  OK, it’s just a limited release 7” single.  But the revolution has to start somewhere.

Hue Williams and Amelia Fletcher of the Pooh Sticks were reunited a few months ago on the first SWANSEA SOUND single, ‘Corporate Indie Band’.  It attracted lots of interest and airplay and sold out in a few hours.  Since then, second single ‘I Sold My Soul on eBay’ has been released as a one-off (on eBay) and played on many radio stations.

Indies of the World’ will be released simultaneously on four different Indie Labels of the World.  There’s no need to buy an expensive import:
UK – SKEP WAX (7” single). 
JAPAN – FORMOSA PUNK (7” single)
USA – HHBTM (7” single). 
WALES – LAVENDER SWEEP (cassette only)

It will not be released on Spotify, Apple Music or other corporate streamers. ‘Indies of the World’ is for record-lovers, indie dancefloors, non-corporate radio shows, and the flourishing online indie DJ/blogging scene.  Flipside ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ is a duet in which feckless male Hue is berated by nonplussed female partner Amelia.  It’s like ‘C is the Heavenly Option’ after a lovers’ tiff.  

OUOTE: From Rob & Amelia
 The song and the video are a celebration of ‘indie’ in its most meaningful sense, i.e. independence from corporate control, with a DIY attitude to playing, recording, releasing records and making videos.   The video was made by Amelia and Rob, using the 7” single sleeve art by Welsh artist Catrin Saran James.  Swansea Sound started during lockdown, so the band are used to sending each other bits of music, ideas for songs and video footage.  It will be a strange and disconcerting moment when they are finally able to meet. 

Indies of the World is the first release on new UK label Skep Wax, but it’s also coming out on sister labels Formosa Punk in Japan, HHBTM in the USA and Lavender Sweep in Wales.  It’s available digitally on Bandcamp, but isn’t on Spotify or Apple or any the other corporate streamers because they aren’t sisters, they are ogres.

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