Norwegian hard rock band Behind the Thoughts Announce new album

Behind The Thoughts (formerly known as Fierce Justice) is a hard rock/metalband consisting of three members based in Oslo/Akershus, Norway.

The band was formed in July 2019-ten years since the first line-up of Fierce Justice. Drawing their inspiration by thinking of different ways of creating hard-rock music the band assembles bits and pieces of many other genres such as blues, jazz, funk, and heavy music.

The members have performed support for acts such as Tore St. Moren and BlazeBayley during 2014. Callico Cooper from Beasto Blanco (2015), and have also worked as musicians for Chris Holmes ́ (ex.W.A.S.P) solo band. The members have also participated in the televised show, Norway’s got Talent (2018) as apart of Fierce Justice,and got positive feedback from the judges and the Norwegian music industry as they managed to get all the way up to the semi-finals.

The members have over 10 years of experience of playing live music, both in Scandinavia, festivals in Europe and shows in the US. The band is currently working hard to take their live show abroad (as soon as it is possible, in regards to today’s landscape).

They released an album last year(30th of October, 2020), which is named “Behind The Thoughts” and work on creating more music for the future.

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