‘I Regret’ by Slava B. ‘ good old Punk Rock with drive & energy’

Slava B. “I REGRET” – Press Release

Slava B. – A guy from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire who composes music and doesn’t stop surprising public with his unique and same time distinctive production. So far this is Slava B’s 5th release and his 2nd full album that promises to be exceptional compared to his previous releases.

If you check Slava B.’s releases on Spotify, iTunes, AmazonMusic or on any other streaming platform, you will notice that it sounds completely different from release to release. It starts from soft rock and moves throughout the genres down to Industrial metal.

According to Slava B.’s statement the new “I REGRET” release is definitely something that simply cannot be missed, backing this up that this album is going to be exceptional and something that people were seeking for a while… a good old Punk Rock with drive & energy.

The release date itself has not been announced yet, instead been promised to expect at least 11 tracks within an album at the later 2021 year, around September time.( All previous releases has also been released every September).

Discography :

Sep. 2016 – “EP” Where the Hell – Indie Rock

Sep. 2017 – Debut Album “My Heart” – Indie/Punk Rock

Sep. 2019 – EP “Ants” – Industrial Metal

Sep. 2020 – EP “Game Of Systems” – Industrial Metal

2021 – Full Album “I REGRET!” – Dance/Punk Rock

Useful Links to find out more about Slava B.

Slava B. has released one of his teaser songs from “I REGRET” into social media already, called “Mentality”. Video of which you can find here on youtube : https://youtu.be/QOOV2lUaVvw

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