Rebellious Welsh band Digital Resistance release debut album Alternative Facts

Digital Resistance is formed by anarchist/left-wing academics who rage
against the status quo. Using a mixture of poetry/spoken word against a
backdrop of heavy riffs and eclectic sounds, the vocals subdued in parts
and angry in others, emphasising the stories told through music,
culminating in songs that serve as history lessons alternative to
white-washed curricula.

Ana Kee, Psy and Wolf have a strong friendship that comes through
bonding on issues of human rights and social justice, evident in their
concerted pursuit of using music almost exclusively as a platform for
political messages. Their debut album, Alternative Facts, is a call to
rebellious action against capitalism, with lessons on how to withstand
opposition. The lyrics deal with complex social issues, and are
delivered against a musical platform overflowing with a rebellious
spirit. The intense energy in these songs was so masterfully captured in
the studio, you would be forgiven for mistaking them for a live

CDs and viynls will be available via Grimace Records here:

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