Swans fans say: ‘The Racists Don’t Speak For Us!’

Jacks Against Racism and Fascism
Swansea Stand Up to Racism
Swans fans say:
‘The Racists Don’t Speak For Us!’

Swansea is a proudly vibrant, diverse ‘community of communities’ and our football club reflects that. We stand in solidarity to face the challenges of the pandemic and the government’s chaotic Brexit together” – Geraint Davies MP

“The players and clubs have made their reasons for taking the knee abundantly clear. 

We categorically reject and oppose the attempts by the far-right to push their own narrative and obscure those reasons.” Show Racism the Red Card Wales

Swansea City’s players come from around the world, as well as from our own back yard, and we are all the better for that, as a team and as a City. We have great respect to the club and players for continuing to #TakeTheKnee for #BlackLivesMatter, and for their ongoing work for equality and support for refugees.

FarRightWatchWales on Twitter: "On Saturday Jacks Against Racism & Fascism  will be leafleting Swansea City game at the Liberty, encouraging people to  register to vote and then to use that vote against

It’s been hugely positive for clubs to adopt Take the Knee in response to deep concerns of players and fans about racism in the game, and in wider society. Black players consistently play a hugely important role both on and off the pitch; the likes of Wayne Routledge, Andre Ayew and Jamal Lowe are role models and heroes to hundreds of Swansea children.

Marcus Rashford’s stand over free school meals has saved hundred of thousands of children from hunger this Xmas. And we know that black people have suffered disproportionately in the Covid-19 crisis.

In addition, organisations such as Show Racism the Red Card and Kick It Out have been instrumental in promoting anti racism in the game.

So why would anyone wish to boo those marking the argument that Black Lives Matter?

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sport and outdoor, text that says "BLACK LIVES MATTER ER"

We have nothing but contempt for the tiny band of far right racists who have twice gathered outside The Liberty before games to yell insults. These are the sort of people who recently rioted with Tommy Robinson, have refused to wear masks during the pandemic and have been harassing refugees in Penally. While the rest of us are working together to beat COVID, to look after each other and to welcome vulnerable newcomers, all they offer is the virus racism and division.

There was a time when racists and the far right saw football as their territory. Fans at clubs such as Leeds, Chelsea, Manchester United, Leicester, West Ham, Tottenham, Liverpool and indeed here in Swansea, have worked together to marginalise them.

Football is a multicultural sport, this is a multicultural country. We are not going back to the racism of the past. The vast majority of Swans supporters want to to see football for all and to live in a diverse and thriving City.

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At this time of year and with the pandemic raging, it is especially important that we all show generosity, compassion and solidarity, whereas racism merely offers despair, division and defeat.

The only way we can build a better world and an improved ‘new normal’ is if we all stand together, in life as in sport.

We won’t let the racists divide us.

Join us football fans as we take part in Swansea’s Stand Up to Racism’s event for UN Anti Racism Day, March 20th in Swansea City Centre (COVID allowing).

“The Black Lives Matter movement was and is a monumental cry across the spectrum of society globally for fundamental change, after suffering centuries of racism. As an anti-racism education charity, Show Racism the Red Card supports this cry along with those who choose to take the knee in solidarity with it.” – Show Racism the Red Card

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