temp sleeveArtwork by Russell Taysom

We’re very excited to announce that on Wednesday 8th April 2020, legendary Cambridge/Swansea-based indie label R*E*P*E*A*T Records released a new single by a collective of Bury St Edmunds bands (including Tundra, Gaffa Tape Sandy, B.U.H and Kulk) to raise money for their local food bank.

“A discordant nation with no direction/Led by donkeys, led by mules” – B.U.H

Written in the aftermath of December 2019’s bitter, shameful and not a little embarrassing General Election, ‘They Want Us To Die’ is a three-minute explosion of rampaging garage-punk that sees band members hurling invective at political polarisation, the DWP’s victimisation of vulnerable people, the underfunding
and dismantling of the NHS, homelessness, the gender pay gap, illegal wars, the lie of austerity, the media’s complicity in spreading misinformation, the rise of nationalism and xenophobia, and weaponised false nostalgia. Given horrific new resonance by the current health emergency – to which the UK Government’s course of action so far has been to ignore the growing crisis for as long as possible, reject outright schemes
which would have provided the NHS with ventilators and essential equipment in order to hand contracts to their friends, fail to protect NHS staff with adequate testing and PPE, and tell constant, barefaced lies about the reasons for their failures – ‘They Want Us To Die’ was released digitally on Wednesday 8th April across all streaming platforms. As a launch party isn’t currently possible, the bands will use the single’s release as an opportunity to encourage people to donate much-needed food and/or money to their local food banks.


“They’ll leave us for dead in austerity ditches” – Gaffa Tape Sandy

‘They Want Us To Die’ was written and performed collaboratively by Tundra with Gaffa Tape Sandy, B.U.H, Kulk and Seymour Quigley (Horse Party/Miss Black America), and recorded by Jamie Robertson (Sun Scream/Bad Stone). The sleeve artwork was donated by acclaimed illustrator Russell Taysom (who recently masterminded an incredible animated video for ‘Never Trust A Man With A Perm’ by Idles). Two accompanying videos (by Gaffa Tape Sandy’s Catherine Lindley-Neilson, and Kulk’s Jade Ashleigh Squires) will be unveiled shortly. You can stream and embed the track via the R*E*P*E*A*T Records Soundcloud page right here:


“…and if that means some pensioners die, too bad” – Dominic Cummings

A limited edition 7″ blue flexi single release of ‘They Want Us To Die’ will follow in May via mail order from the R*E*P*E*A*T Records Bandcamp page at http://www.repeatfanzine.bandcamp.com. The flexi will feature an additional track by Swansea-based supergroup Jack City Rockers and all profits will be split between
Gatehouse Food Bank in Bury St Edmunds and Creature Sound in Swansea (who provide much-needed outreach work in the city).

You can find out more about Gatehouse Foodbank and Creature Sound on their websites:
http://www.gatehouse.org.uk http://www.creaturesound.com

It goes without saying that everyone involved with this project (recorded several weeks ago) wishes a quick and complete recovery to all those suffering from COVID 19, regardless of how their actions or inactions may have made the situation worse. The entire motivation of this release is that we all deserve to live in a world where everyone’s health and wellbeing is valued.


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