Swansea Alternative rocker FoxSleep releases EP#03

Alternative rocker FoxSleep releases EP#03

Across 3 tracks, FoxSleep (aka Swansea-based musician Jason Morgan) crashes, jangles, strums and waltzes through the themes of identity, denial and middle management. Throughout the stop-start psychedelia of Trail Of Distraction, the indie-folk brood of Elsewhere, and the waltzing ramble of Walter, EP#03 defies modern over-production and breathes with the warmth and energy of a retro garage rock album. Combining influences across rock, pop, indie, folk and jazz, this third installment in a series of DIY EPs sees FoxSleep’s most focussed and representative work to date.

EP#03 “hits you gently with infectious semi-psychedelic stop-start chops and quirky Beatlesque singing ///  BRILLIANT! ESSENTIAL KIT!” micromusicreviews.com

Catch one of FoxSleep’s stripped-down live shows in 2020, including an opening slot at Swansea’s Bunkhouse on 15th March supporting Joe Collins, Strange Orchid, Static Fires and Cluster.


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