Haneke Twins, Greek / Swiss post punk scientists, release new single

Haneke Twins, a Greek / Swiss band (based at CERN in Switzerland) playing alternative/post-punk revival, release their new single ‘River’ as a precursor to their album.
About 18 months after their ’18 explosive debut album, the two CERN scientists — Stefanos Leontsinis and Paschalis Vichoudis — aka Haneke Twins, are back into business, this time with a little help from their friends (Ioannis Koukovinis, Michael Schenk and Athanasios Kyritsis).



Already from their brand-new 2-track single, precursor of their new album, we noticed a few interesting things. They definitely picked up where they left off, continuing with a Post-Punk Revival feel, as in “Deep” and “Climb” from their debut album. But this time with a different approach in the production, having an “in-your-face” mix with cleaner guitars and the vocals more “in front”.

Another pleasant surprise was to discover that the two scientists — apart from composing great music — are also able to write beautiful lyrics (note: in their debut EP they borrowed lyrics from a contemporary Athenian poet). “River” is about a person on the verge of suicide while “Location Unassigned” deals with concerns about modern life, freedom and privacy. Well done lads!

It is definitely worth it to give their brand-new independently-produced single a spin!

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