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Inder Paul Sandhu releases ‘The Colindale Tape’ inspired by Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Amy Winehouse

“‘Inderpaul Sandhu, the unpredictable song writer, vocalist, rapper and fashion designer from East London. Creatively on the edge of parable-tic lyrics, from charming rap flows to smooth soulful rock. From his break-through international award-winning rap single “Money Ain’t A Thing” to his sophomore soulful project “Bloom, from which DJ Sharad picked up the monster single “Compromise” for the Pharrell Williams & Adidas Holi mixtape. BBC playlisted three times with each of his major releases. Bobby Friction describes his songs as “emotionally intelligent” and “ear-wormy”. Inder Paul’s instagram fans are anticipating his next carnation in the rumored title “The Colindale Tape”. Catch his insta-story and you will notice a new sound, his incredible band, packed out shows and exclusive studio sessions.’

  1. What inspired your latest song

‘Letter To Self’ – In my personal reflection I realised I had fallen into a very bad habit of writing off a whole day, week or month just because of 1 or 2 bad events that took place or even words that were said to me. Which is ludicrous. When I sing ‘Letter to self, It was just a bad day and not a bad life’ I’m taking my own personal assessment even deeper. Self talk is a real thing and also a very present thing because it’s ongoing. When a friend of mine or loved one is hurting I try to be there for them, help them see straight, show them love and all that good stuff you know ? … I can be very caring and empathetic towards others but not myself, again ludicrous. Theres usually two ways I can reconcile my surroundings and the people in it, 1. For what and who they really are or 2. For what and who I tell myself they really are. I challenged myself in the way I perceived things and in doing that I am able to get others to do the same.  It’s just crazy how unkind we can be to ourselves but maybe that’s what the majority of us are used too? Or think we deserve. Self talk is so important man, because when your in that black hole in your mind sometimes it’s only you that can pull yourself out of that hole. You gotta be the person YOU need for YOU!

2. What can we expect next from you? 

So the above song is actually off my next project which I refer to proudly as ‘The Colindale Tape’ a 5 track tape that’s out on the 16th of January. By far my best vocals and visuals to date. Accompanied by three music videos which my Director John Ross Courage and friends worked tirelessly on. The production is dope and that’s because of my co producers Calvin The Food Audio and David Kent, they really put a lot of blood, sweat and tears  into this tape. I just can’t wait for the world to hear track 3 because I haven’t been that vulnerable in a very long time. I think it’s magic and in the words of Bobby Friction it’s ‘Emotionally Intelligent’.


Every release this artist manages to express him self in a different style whilst completely owning the genre he chooses to paint his song with.

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is the latest addition to Inder Paul’s repertoire. ‘The Colindale Tape’ Silky smooth vocals with the right amount of husk and gravel poured over them coming out of the face of an Indian, East Londoner. Inder Paul’s sound is just as enigmatic as him self.

Lenny Kravitz, Prince and Amy Winehouse are a few of the names he has been told his sound is reminiscent of but when asked who his biggest inspiration was regarding this new sound Inder Paul said it’s actually his mother….’She’s got the voice of an angel, she just didn’t have the opportunities I now do. Life was different for her’
‘This tape came out of such an ugly season, but that why I love music and our ability to
create. For as long as we are able to create in our own respectable and individual
ways…things aren’t as bad as they seem. I didn’t hold back on this one at all’”