Seymour Quigley’s ‘Open Mouth’ project to be re-released digitally accompanied by 2 live dates

In between ripping down boundaries, walls and backdrops with various seminal underground rock sensations including Miss Black America (band), Ten City Nation and Horse Party, Seymour Quigley (nee Seymour Glass) once recorded a solo single and album. Which has just now been re released digitally for your listening pleasure with gigs in Bury St Edmunds (The Hunter Club, 31st October) and Cambridge (Relevant Records, 2nd November) to boot.

Learn more below and here


Seymour Quigley was the lead singer of Miss Black America from 1999-2006. As that band unravelled, Seymour booked some studio time simply because he couldn’t think what else to do. The result was ‘Import/Export’, a 12-track album which fizzes with rage: rage at an illegal “war on terror” that ordinary people had been powerless to prevent, and rage at himself for giving seven long years of his life to an obsession that had ultimately left him broke, homeless, alcoholic and clinically depressed. Dubbing the project ‘Open Mouth’ (in reference to a lyric by Carina Round, a huge influence at the time), Seymour embarked on a UK tour to promote the album, during which he realised that he hated playing solo and never wanted to do it again.

Seymour has since gone on to perform/record with Ten City Nation, Greg McDonald, The Blazing Zoos, Lewis Mokler, Horse Party and Kate Jackson, and founded tiny indie labels Pure Deadly and Sturm Und Drang Recordings. He promotes regular gigs in Bury St Edmunds (the hometown he once professed to hate), and is no longer broke, homeless, alcoholic or clinically depressed.

Here’s a video of the single from the album, of which he says

“11 years ago I wasn’t in a band, so I made a solo record and expected no-one to care. Then a bunch of students turned up to a R*E*P*E*A*T night at The Portland Arms and told me they were making a video for the single off it, ‘Castle Keep’. Things I particularly like about the video:

1. The chap they got to play me is infinitely more photogenic than I am.
2. The bit at 1’57” where he pushes his glasses up just like I do.
3. The fact that I’m wearing my long lost The Pop Group “We Are All Prostitutes” T-shirt.
4. Richard Rose is in it.
5. My eyeliner was good that day.”

And here he talks about Open Mouth:

Back in 2007, my former band Miss Black America had fallen to bits. I had a whole heap of songs lying around so I released a solo album called ‘Import/Export’ (under the name ‘Open Mouth’, half-inched from a Carina Round lyric) simply because I didn’t know what else to do with myself. R*E*P*E*A*T Records very kindly released ‘Import/Export’ on CD in May, but by that time I’d joined another band, and come to realise that I didn’t like playing on my own; in the ensuing fug of self-doubt I quietly decided not to promote the album, let the CDs fester in a cupboard and moved on to louder adventures.


In the ensuing years, however, I’ve begrudgingly come to appreciate ‘Import/Export’ as being more significant than I once gave it credit for, not least because it contains the frankest lyrics I’ve ever committed to record, both personally (‘Castle Keep’, ‘Liberty Belle’ and ‘Drink Your Milk’ dissect the life-derailing depression I’d been trying and failing to conceal since the age of 15) and politically (‘The Quietist’, ‘A Charge To Keep’ and ‘Other Voices, Other Worlds’ deal with unending war in the Middle East, while ‘Look Alive’ addresses political extremism at home) . Plus, its continuing absence from yer modern streaming platforms just bothered me. SO, having found a bunch of unreleased songs on CDs at my Mum’s house (thanks Mum), I’ve finally decided to digitally re-issue ‘Import/Export’ with five extra tracks, as some kind of 11th anniversary special edition, which is definitely a thing.

You can listen on Spotify:…

You can grab/stream it via iTunes/Apple Music:

And you can buy a download AND/OR mail order the CD from the Sturm Und Drang Recordings Bandcamp page:…/import-export

It’s probably on Amazon and Deezer as well, and if I cared enough to check I’d share those links too.


ALSO ALSO ALSO, I’m doing a couple of evening shows to mark the occasion, which are:

Wednesday 31st October – The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
Friday 2nd November – Relevant Record Café, Cambridge

As with a lot of things I’ve recorded, I’m never completely sure how I feel about Open Mouth, but I hope you find some enjoyment in the existential misery of my past.

Big up yourselves,

PS – After this record came out, I played with Ten City Nation, Kate Jackson and Horse Party, all of which I actually enjoyed.

PPS – ‘Import/Export’ was recorded & mixed by Andy Taylor. The brilliant cover art was by Peter Kennard and Cat Picton-Phillips, and used with kind permission.”

Cambridge gig info here




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