War Waves – ‘Be Well’ – New EP and Single

“90’s angst may have disappeared from the musical mainstream for a while, but it never left the fragile hearts and nervous minds of many of us. We don’t need a distraction – we need music that listens to us and shares our feeling of disenchantment.
War Waves seemed to come out of nowhere in 2015. Their self-titled record created a modest local buzz but also reached isolated listeners all over the world who were looking for a record just like it.
War Waves dropped the follow-up single ‘Horses’ in July of 2016 and it was a statement of intent.  The full-length “All That We Lack” arrived shortly afterwards and confirmed that this was a band who had lofty goals for their sound and were absolutely capable of reaching them.
Which brings us to now.
‘Sleep’ and ‘A Lion’s Head’ – the first singles lifted from War Wave’s upcoming EP ‘Be Well’ – show even more maturity from a band that already seemed to bypass a few grades in school. With ‘All That We Lack’, War Waves found their sound. On ‘Be Well’, the band refines it,
upping the ante with more dynamism from the instrumentation and songwriter Marc Newby’s soul-baring lyrics and vocal delivery.
This is the type of record you buy, listen to repeatedly  and scream it back to the band when seeing it live” – Adam Darowski (darowski.com)
For fans of: Frightened Rabbit, Idlewild and The Gaslight Anthem

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