Punk Rock band 6 AM Saint release first single Poppin’ Indigo!

Punk Rock band 6 AM Saint release first single Poppin’ Indigo!

We probably know what your thinking, 6 AM what?? But frontman Nathan Fire Jackson has gotten used to people saying that, in fact, it’s kind of fun for him.

Having played in a few Cambridge based bands over the years, most notably alt rock/metal band God Hates Astronauts, Nathan decided to listen to a Fleetwood mac album, and go his own way… (not sorry for the pun).


With the help of James and Joe from pop punk band Asbestos, 6 AM Saint is on the ground and running, and with the release of a brand new single inspired by the likes of Green Day, Misfits, HIM and Ramones, there seems to be a good time in store for anybody up for the ride.

Be sure to check them out at:
Blue Moon Cambridge-Friday 19th October
Cambridge Cornerhouse-Friday 9th November

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-899957227/poppin-indigo

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1464867476904768&ref=content_filter


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