Manic Mannequin – poetic songs with an idiosyncratic twist

Manic Mannequin – poetic songs with an idiosyncratic twist

Greg from the band writes…

The main idea behind the band was to play the music that I’ve been slowly working on for the past couple of years. I was going for a Nine Inch Nails concept with me writing and recording all the songs and getting a band to play them. I had a lot of inspiration from bands such as Soundgarden and Alice in Chains but also Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix and even the Beatles with some of the production techniques and experimentation. A lot of the lyrical material is based on stories that I come up with and are very dark and gothic in nature. I basically try to paint beautiful musical pictures of depressing things.

Coming from a classical musical family, I try to use as much musical techniques and twists in my songs as I can and so I ended up classifying it progressive due to the “classical” elements.

In December 2017 I’ve gathered a band and with some adjustments, we’ve ended up as a power trio. We try to go off on a tangent a bit with the live performance of the songs rather than sticking to how the recordings were played as we like to be creative with what we do and make it more fun for us and the audience. We are working on getting more gigs in the future (May 10th Corner House, May 17th Bedford Esquires). Our first EP is also being released on May 17th this year.


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