Mark Fernyhough & Steven Horry’s ‘Nouveau’ FFO Suede / Art Brut

Mark Fernyhough & Steven Horry’s new single ‘Nouveau’ is released late February 2018. The music video for Nouveau was directed by Lisa Marie Lange and features a girl gang roller-skating through Berlin’s iconic cityscape.

According to, “The duo, based in London and Berlin, deliver a track that spans distance and measures its cultural influences well. Stylized vocals dissolve into reverb, guitar hooks stab and dress the structure. The result is architectural, but Horry’s fret-work has a spiralling effect of an Escherian Stairwell, so familiarity with this kind of sound is also slightly (pleasingly) perverted.” (

Between them the Berlin/London duo’s songs have been featured on Radio 1, 6Music & MTV, whilst their debut single ‘Fireworks’ has already garnered over 30k video plays on YouTube.

Mark Fernyhough has opened for Suede whilst Steven Horry’s graphic novel collaboration with Art Brut’s Eddie Argos has been published to acclaim by Image Comics.






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