Parasona release energetic dance rock single “Rock Your Body”

PARASONA: the combination of latin words “Parabellum” (prepare for war) and “Potensona” (powerful music).

Parasona have released their energetic dance rock single “Rock Your Body”. Available everywhere now! 

A passionate alternative rock band from Toronto, Canada.  Parasona works to share their creativity with the world with powerful guitar, big drums and unique vocals that will provoke you to feel again.

“We wanted a song that talked about addiction. We wanted to touch upon what we and so many others have done in trying to escape our problems with excessive partying and drinking. Doing so without a care and not thinking of the repercussions, only causing more damage to yourself and the people around you. It’s a song that on the surface you can listen and party to but also has a deeper meaning of the effects of partying irresponsibly.” – Adam

Rock Your Body was recorded, written, and produced by Parasona and mixed by David Henriques (Coalition Music). The music video was filmed by Cassandra Rudolph (Coalition Music). 

The band consists of Adam Lancia (Vocals, Guitar) and Joshua Golias (Drums, Beard). Accepted to The Artist Entrepreneur program, Canadian music/ management label Coalition Music helped progress the band immensely. That’s where they performed in front of renown producer Arnold Lanni. Arnold took a keen liking to Adam’s unique voice and the pair started working right away on their debut single “Fall Down”. Parasona travelled down to California where the single was recorded. Working together with Arnold Lanni, Parasona’s song writing and overall vision has evolved. A great song has to resonate and connect with a listener and make the listener feel ‘something’. The listener has to be ‘affected’ in some way and that is what Parasona strives for in their instrumentals and especially in the unique vocals.


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