Nerk (as heard on ‘My Summer Car’) release ep

“Pick Up The Pieces” by Nerk is a free 3-song EP that’s out now:

Nerk play 90s-style grunge rock, written & recorded by Martijn Frazer at his home (guitars, bass, vocals, the whole thing). Nerk was established in 2015 to make songs for the video game “My Summer Car”. The game is set in the 90s and Nerk’s music can be heard on the in-game radio.

Nerk initially made another free 3-song EP, which was released in August 2015, simply called “Nerk”:

Since the game’s release in 2016, over 300.000 people bought & played the game, and Nerk acquired a handful of fans. Greatly motivated by this, Martijn decided to make another 3-song EP, which led to the release of “Pick Up The Pieces” in September 2017. These new songs will be added to the game in an upcoming update.

Meanwhile, Martijn is working on a full album for Nerk next, which is scheduled for release in 2018.









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