Gavin Chappell-Bates releases ‘Bad Faith / Good Faith’, a philosophic indie-dance-rock anthem to get you dancing and thinking

Bad Faith / Good Faith’ is the second single to be released by Cambridge musician Gavin Chappell-Bates from his forthcoming second album. In contrast to the first single released from the album, ‘Bad Faith / Good Faith’ is a philosophic indie-dance-rock anthem to get you dancing and thinking.

The song was inspired by the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s concept of ‘mauvaise foi’ (bad faith), which explains how humans live inauthentically by allowing societal pressures to force us to disown our innate freedom and adopt false values.

Bad Faith / Good Faith’ is a call to arms to all humans to accept their individuality and their ability to always make their own free choices, and, ultimately, live the life they choose. It is a call for authenticity.

As part of forthcoming album ‘The Last One’, which was successfully crowd-funded early in 2017, it is one chapter in a wider story exploring the cycle of life, both human and cosmic.

The thought provoking lyrical content is rasped out by Gavin in a barrage of words, reaching climax in the chorus when he asks us all to choose: “Bad Faith / Good Faith – decide”.

Despite the heavy themes in the song, it is a snappy and upbeat anthem coming in well under 3 minutes. Short and to the point, the words may have you thinking but the juxtaposing jagged indie guitars and driving rhythm section will get bodies moving, minds open and us all dancing freely.

Gavin Chappell-Bates is a European acoustic folk-rock singer-songwriter from Cambridge, England.

Gavin’s music has featured on Tom Robinson’s show on BBC 6 Music and Janice Long’s show on BBC Radio 2. He regularly appears on BBC Introducing, as well as other local and national stations. He has been nominated for Best Male Solo Artist for three years running at the NMG Awards and has a growing fan base in France where numerous fan sites have popped up.


Gavin is currently recording his second album at Half-Ton Studios, the first single from which – ‘Lovely Day’, a jaunty folk-pop song – was released in August 2017. The album features a variety of musicians including Booga from Ezio, Paul Richards of Fred’s House and Neil Bruce from Bouquet of Dead Crows.

He released his first solo EP – ‘Black Holes’ – in February 2015, and his debut album – ‘We Are The Ones’ – in April 2016, on R*E*P*E*A*T Records.

Gavin set off on his first ever tour in September 2014 and has gigged relentlessly since, playing venues such as Cambridge Corn Exchange, The Rescue Rooms (Nottingham), The Hunter Club (Bury St. Edmunds) and Norwich Arts Centre. His shows vary for every performance; from live looping, to playing with a band, to stripped down performances with an acoustic guitar, harmonica and stomp box.

“…bursting with melodies, strong sounds and brilliant moments…” Mixtape Couture

Twitter : @GChappellBates Facebook : GavinChappellBates


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