A Christmas Message from Broadway Danny Rose

Download Christmas track to raise money for Jimmy’s Night Shelter….
Share some love, roast bird or veggie alternatives with the homeless this Christmas

After missing the boat for the last two, this year we decided to record a Christmas song.

The song is called ‘All I Wanna Do, Is Share My Bird With You (This Christmas Time)’.

While this December 25th we’ll be at home with friends and family sharing gifts, booze and food (the bird), many won’t. While we want everyone to enjoy the song, it’s a good opportunity to remind people of the great work Jimmy’s Shelter Cambridge do throughout the year, year after year.

We’ve released the song on Bandcamp and all donations will go to Jimmy’s. If you enjoy the song and can afford a donation it will go to a great cause – if you enjoy the song but can’t afford it you can have it for free, but please share just in case someone else can.

Thank you. And season’s greetings!

Broadway Danny Rose

Buy the track here

Catch Us Live on Dec 22nd at Cambridge Portland Arms


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