“Freesia” film screening with Director joining Q&A in Cambridge

“Freesia” film screening with Director joining Q&A in Cambridge
Monday 25th September, Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, 9pm

The multi narrative film, “Freesia”, tackling issues of far right radicalisation and Islamophobia was first shown in August this year and has since won numerous awards* including Canadian “Best New Film” and Auckland’s “Best First Time Filmmaker”.

Originally conceived as three separate short films, Freesia soon became a full length feature film interweaving the lives of the three families under the skillful direction of writer/producer Conor Ibrahiem. Filming in West Yorkshire and securing Aqib Khan from British Asian film ‘West is West’ in a leading role, Conor has managed to bring this independent British film to main stream audiences.

By depicting the challenges faced by Muslims in the UK and the conditions that lead to far right extremism, “Freesia” hopes to build better understanding between these groups. Islamophobia is hatred towards Muslims and sadly is reported daily in our media either as attacks on individuals or policies rolled out like President Trump’s “Muslim Ban” making it difficult for Muslims from 5 Muslim majority countries to travel to America.

As the tagline says: “Hate is easy…to understand takes courage”.
Conor will be joined by Ex EDL organiser Ivan Humble at the Q&A at Arts Picturehouse after the film showing 9pm Monday 25th September.
“The hardest thing for me was taking myself out of that bubble of hate and moving away from the negativity. For every negative story there’s ten positives that you never see because they don’t sell papers,” says Ivan.

But Ivan did manage to see outside the bubble of hate once he actually began interacting with Muslims rather than just reading or hearing negative things about them.


Although tackling difficult issues, Conor aims to shine a positive light on Muslims and their faith “and encourage humanity towards positive change.”The Freesia film is a 12A and will be screened at Arts Picturehouse on Monday 25th September at 9pm followed by a Q&A with Director Conor Ibrahiem and Ex EDL organiser Ivan Humble.

The screening is supported by Cambridge Stop The War and Cambridge Stand Up To Racism




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