Greetings from Vancouver airport

An Open Letter for friends and family.


Hi there,

Greetings from Vancouver airport. I thought I’d write people a few lines about our visit to Phil and co in the USA while waiting for the flight.

The trip was perfect, managing to combine exciting expeditions with time to hang out and relax. We spent the weekend at a wonderful house jutting onto a beach on Orcas Island surrounded by deer, and on the Sunday we drove to the pinnacle of the island’s highest peak, Mount Constitution. From there we could see Bellingham. Mount Constitution is however tiny in comparison to the mainland’s Mount Baker’s 10,000 ft where we went on Wednesday; Picture Lake up there is apparently the most photographed place in the world. Our view was obscured by the smoke from forest fires in British Columbia which shrouded the whole area in a thick soupy mist.

On other days we hung out at Phil’s, picked blackberries, visited Ally’s workplace (a bakery where she prepared a delicious strawberry tart), wondered around the town, played with the cats and a very cute visiting dog named Basil, and watched the sunset at Locust Bay. Lots of time for reading, chatting and relaxing.

My rather too many snaps the stay are here

And now this Friday afternoon we wait for our flight, when we arrive it will be Saturday morning.

Hoping to catch up with you soon,



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