JACK RUNDELL – ex Waxing Captors punker releases solo single

Ex-punker rocker releases downbeat country single


(3 track single)

Release date: 4th August 2017

Some years after the demise of the infamous Ipswich-based punk band The Waxing Captors, guitarist Jack Rundell is back with an unexpected new release, a three-song single of carefully crafted country songs.

I wanted to do something slower and quieter, that doesn’t harass the listener for their attention,” Rundell explained. “The lyrics are still pretty weird, and there’s even some electric guitar in there, but it’s inviting you on a gentle stroll rather than a roller coaster ride.”

This change of approach has already been noted in relation to his contribution to the recent compilation “This is the Sound of Sugar Town, Volume Two”, which showcases bands from Bury St Edmunds, Rundell’s hometown. As one reviewer put it, “Singer songwriter JACK RUNDELL calms things down with his country/folk spiced track WICKED WORDS, a fun and infectious stroll with a grin on its face.” Amid the onslaught of roaring guitars and pounding drums on the album, Rundell’s track stands out.

The mood of Cold Coffee is downbeat, each song tackling a difficult subject: depression, workplace strife and the end of a relationship. However, there is a good dose of dark humour and an underlying positivity which distinguish this music from the doom and gloom often associated with country or with singer songwriters in general.

Cold Coffee will be followed up with an album length release, drawing on Rundell’s extensive back catalogue of songs, and a UK tour. It may not be easy, but Rundell is determined to find his audience.

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CONTACT: jackrundell@live.co.uk WEBSITE: www.jackrundell.co.uk


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