Newts – Preparing for the Revolution

Newts EP 2 (Losers)

Notice; it has come to the attention of NEWTS* PLC that certain elements on this latest EP (ref’ track 1. Losers) may result in unpalatable reactions. Initially the material delineates a familiar sense of despair with the grinding continuity of showing up at a polling booth to pretend it matters, but it ends with what was, at the time of preparation, a speculative request for the continuation of resistance, and voter participation.

We can only apologize, therefore, that in light of recent events, where hope was actually shown to rise, albeit briefly, from the ashes in the UK electorate’s mouths, for the offensive reactions this might cause. As such this  final verse/ chorus has been declared as potentially too negative for sensitive ears (the elderly, infirm, the hard right).

Those affected can of course continue to enjoy the remainder of the EP containing a healthy mix of songs about New years day hangovers and murderers borrowing a drum kit (Mission Creep), Breaking someones nose repeatedly in your mind (Remains), and 19th Century American Archaeologists (Bone Wars).

Those  who already heeded the call of democracy, with the required hardy constitution can consume this product in it’s entirety. Whilst preparing for the revolution.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


*a limited liability three piece noise rock band operating in Cambridge and London (mainly Tottenham Hale)

and also a link to a video we made for it.

We’re based in Cambridge and London and we’re playing

Haverhill the Bull (Cam FM breakthrough)

16th September (w Goldblume/ Kill the Crow)

Cambridge the Blue Moon

28th September (w/ Ragweed, Doyouthinkhesaurus)


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