Towers of London Are Back!

Towers of London Are Back!
A Brand New Single
‘Shake It’

Released Friday 30 October

Nostalgic Pusheads
R*E*P*E*A*T interviews from 2005 and 2007 here
R*E*P*E*A*T review from 2009 here

The Towers of London are back! ‘Shake It’ is three minutes of riff driven rock with a monumental chorus, and an epic return to form. Their first release since 2009, it comes out on 30 October through GB Sound.

Donny and Dirk Tourette, with Tommy Brunette return with new drummer Rocco and guitarist Stevie Lawrence. They played an unannounced secret show, their first in five years, to a sell out crowd of more than 250 in September this year, with more shows to be announced.

‘Shake It’ is instant. Straight into the chorus, it is unadulterated rock, and a new chapter in the controversial and unique story of the Towers of London. The band’s original core (Donny, Dirk and Tommy) have been working together again since the beginning of the year, writing and recording new material.

The ‘Shake It’ video is full of surprises… not all of them pleasant!

The band are set to play through the UK later this year, which will be announced imminently, with a second single set for early 2016. A brand new album looks set for release in 2016. @TowersofLondon

ps Towers of London showcase tomorrow (Wednesday 28.10/15) at 7pm at The Sanctum Hotel, they’ll be on from about 7.30pm. Book through their FB page

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